March 31, 2014

over the creek and through the dunes

This weekend weather was spectacular. The kind of spectacular when we spent 80% of our weekend making future weekend beach plans, as most reasonable people would do when the sun is shining. 

Like Hey! We should go check out some good beach chairs.
And now we should look at umbrellas.
Man, why can't I find a good beach bag yet? Am I too picky?
This chair is a back pack chair! We can use it when we ride our bikes to the beach.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically, weekend beach planning with the Weiss folk is super fun. As it sounds, I'm sure. Weather, please only get warmer from here on out. 
Did anyone ever watch the Brady Bunch Movie? Because if you answered, yes, then I fully expect you to be singing It's a Sunshine Day while looking at this picture. 

The other 20% of this sunny-licious weekend was spent eating. I'm not really sure who the genius was that decided Charleston, a beach town, should also be Charleston, the food heaven town. Bathing suits and burgers on the daily kind of seems like an oxymoron. Whatever, I don't care. I'd rather live here and eat my way through the city than live here and fit into a bathing suit! Amiright or am I right?! 
Butcher & Bee. One of the places I will be taking you (and you and you and you...) when you come to visit. See that smile in the background? That's Katie and she is smiling because the food is delicious. 

Hold up, let's go back to this bathing suit thing. Where are all the good bathing suits? And don't say Pinterest because yes, they are all on Pinterest but when I click the links it takes me to websites where said items are no longer available. Which leads to said bathing suit searcher wanting to cry. 
This bathing suit haunts me in my sleep. Must. Have. Must. Become. Available. Again.
pee-s: let me clarify. Must have that top. No one wants to see my cheekies hanging out of that bottom. Or do they...?

Well, there ya have it. A successful, sunny, and salivating worthy weekend. 
Salivating? Ew, sorry. But it's the only s-word I could think of that is food related. Again, my apologies for grossing you out on a Monday morn. 


Helene in Between said...

sounds like we both had a swell weekend! and love that bathing suit. i hate when clothes haunt me.

Allyssa said...

The weater is so crazy here in California! One day it's super sunny, and then the next it's storming and raining. Apparently the weather has been wacky all over the place, though. Hopefully the sun will start making an appearance more often!

Jenna Griffin said...

Beach planning is so fun! When are y'all planning to go? That top is gorgeous!

kodi_jo said...

I can just mention that I'm insanely jealous of your close proximity to a beach?! That's the dream!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Where is that bathing suit from???? It is gorgeous and I love that top!!

Erin LFF said...

I think I'll goooo for a walk outside now, the summer sun's calling my nameeeee! ;)

jackie jade said...

planning beach trips sounds awesome! it's finally getting warmer and I can't wait to be outdoors more. also not being able to find any of the cute things on pinterest drives me crazy!


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