March 12, 2014

tradition, tradition! tradition!

Anyone else humming like Tevya singing Tradition right now? Oh, no one else grew up in a musically nerdy household? 

Much like Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof who was all about traditions and the traditional role each person played within his or her social class, I am/was all about traditional wedding gimmicks

Like cake cutting and cake feeding. And garter tossing. And bouquet tossing. And a grand departure. Those kind of traditions

It seems the popular thing to do is to try and be as off-the-wall/unique/different when it comes to planning weddings. That means throwing out all the traditional wedding things like garters, bouquets, cakes. Sometimes wedding dresses, vows, food, dancing.  Just get rid of it all and be original and not cave to society's norms. Can you tell I went to an uber liberal college?!

Um, well ex-squeeze me, but I wanted all of those traditions and norms. I wanted them and so I did them. Period. 

And they were f-u-n, son. 

Let's start off with some wedding cake.
 I do not like cake. I do not like it, Sam I Am. Call me crazy and maybe I am...but just not crazy for cake crazy. I almost tried to not even have a wedding cake, but that's silly. And guess what? It was delicious. Cream cheese frosting, please come on everything.

 Remember how these wedding pictures taught me that I never. ever. ever. smile with my mouth closed? 
Oh hello, new husband. Won't you try some cake?
Why yes, best wife ever, I would love some.
^^probably similar to the dialogue that was going down at this point, I'm sure...^^

Feeding cake pictures with squinty faces and smeared icing?? Ooo, so mainstream, I love it. 

What does one do after getting one bite of his or her wedding cake? They toss some garters, of course!
One word. Classy. Two words. Be jealous.

Time for...all the single ladies! All the single ladies! All the single ladies! All the single ladies!
This is your cue to belt out some Beyonce, hint hint.
Remember that one time these pictures taught me I never smile with my closed AND that I have the most ridiculous facial expressions? Aye, aye aye. 

And then, just like that, it was time to leave. we squeezed in a wee bit more partying pictures...
This photo of my father will forever win every photo contest ever. 

...Then finally got the heck outta there!

...And that, my friends, is the story of how a 5 hour event felt like 5 freaking seconds. The best, most full of fun and love 5 freaking seconds ever. 


Helene in Between said...

i love the dress you changed into. super cute! and i love the cake. especially the topper!!

Kenzie S said...

I seriously love Fiddler on the Roof! It's always been one of my favorite musicals :D I'm always singing the If I Were a Rich Man song!
I love, love, love the pictures! Your wedding was gorgeous! I, too, am very expressive. I am probably going to have a lot of hilarious pictures taken of me on my wedding day too.

Kayla MKOY said...

Omg I don't think I've ever seen these last few pictures before! SO darn cute!!!! :)

Kerr said...

This is oh so totally random but I know Brooke! I used to swim with her when I was growing up. Small world! !

Ashley said...

Your going on away dress!!!! I've never seen it!! And I love it!!!

I was all in to the traditions as well...something that I looked forward to doing forever. But don't like cake??! Glad you had it there, though, because it was gorgeous (glad it was delicious as well).

I love your wedding pics....Never stop posting these!


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