April 2, 2014

bug bites

Warmer weather brings all the funsies...except for bugs. Mosquitoes (who love me). Roaches (sedate me until the winter so I don't have to see any). You know, all the gross make-me-scream-in-terror bugs. 

This year the warmer weather has also bought along a new bug: the travel bug. This bug has bit me hard and may even love me more than mosquitoes, which is quite the feat. I have never had such a strong longing to travel anywhere and everywhere like I do right now, right here in time. 

And for this wanderlust, I blame the following:

The Whole - You've Been Married For More than One Minute So Ya Must Be Pregnant By Now -Bit. 
This time last year the question of the hour was When is Freddie proposing? When will you be engaged? Whadyaknow, Freddie proposed. We were engaged. Then we were married. And then suddenly we went from newlyweds to the newlyweds who have yet to reproduce. Shut the front door. Have you thought about kids? Do you have a plan? How many years? Are you trying? Oh my gosh, are you pregnant? 
Lemme answer those questions in order: 1) I've barely thought about where to fit the wedding gifts or the fact that I just promised to spend my life with someone and change my name. 2) Does intricately planning out getting laundry done throughout the work day count as a plan? Oh...you're talking about kids. 3) I find it interesting you use the words 'years' when you are obviously wanting a 'days' or 'months' answer. 4) Pretty sure the mere act of wacka flocka is trying, in a way. 5) No. I'm sorry (why am I apologizing?) 

Let's not forget I teach a rough total of about 140 kids per week, ages 2.5-15, so I think my ovaries are just fine and dandy for right now. Thanks for asking. 

But these questions do get one (me) thinking and it does make one (me) feel very anxious about everything one (me) wants to accomplish before children. Therefore, one (me) needs to win the lottery, quit the job, and start traveling asap. 
I wouldn't mind this as a first stop. Via.

Pinterest. All Social Media.
Social Media: the place where all your hopes and dreams come crashing down because you spend all your time comparing yourself to everyone else. 
Phew, that was a mouthful of a slogan. But really... I feel like every day there's some new news to make me Wicked Witch of the West green with jealousy. Bobby and Sally bought a house?! But they've only been married 5 months. Or Dick and Jane are taking another trip this year? But they already spent a week in the Bahamas earlier this year. Or John and Susie are in Europe. Again. I guess I'll just go to work. Again. 
It doesn't help that one of my best friends is touring the world with Disney Live and traveling to some of the most beautiful places. As if everyone didn't already want to go to Abu Dhabi enough after SATC2, Brittany posts pictures like this and I'm sold. I want gleefully frolic through the streets of Abu Dhabi! Where's my plane ticket?

Money. See Also: The Lack Thereof.
Any time we write a rent check or pay the bills my insides cringe (Funny how my insides don't cringe when I walk into HomeGoods...). I think of what life would be like if rent was dirt cheap and if we were finished paying student loans (when we are 103). The more less money we have saved up the more I want to travel. Isn't that how life goes? The greedy gus gets the last worm? Or something like that...

I digress. I did not mean for this post to be all about Point Numba One. Sounds like I've got enough material for a whole post on that subject... We've got some big plans for a trip this summer (hint: it rhymes with Fisney Band) as well as big plans to shape up all things money related. And pretty soon I'll be making millions as a dance teacher and will become Freddie's Suggamama. Watch out, world.

Where do you want to travel?


kodi_jo said...

Greeeeeeece! That's always been near the top of my list but is generally not the best place to travel right now, so I suppose it's good that we can't afford it? Haha. And Ireland, and Australia, and back to NYC, and Charleston, and can I please live in Arizona? That's just the beginning! Jealous of your Fisney Band trip!

Also, I'm with you on kids, only I don't particularly want them ever, so after the first question of when, there's many more questions of WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO PROCREATE?! Mmm, sorry, when I search my soul there is simply no desire for my own, though no, I am not afraid of children, and yes, I do like other people's children. And yes, it is possible that my opinion may change, but it is also possible that it may not. The if/when of kids should be left to the prospective parents and God's divine timing. Annnnd that got rant-ish -- I usually don't mind when people ask questions, it just sometimes can rub the wrong way!

Helene in Between said...

wait, your friend. i know i'm not supposed to be jealous but i really am. that sounds awesome. and i nipped that question in the bud real quick about kids: we don't want them. :)

Allyssa said...

I totally know how you feel, girl. I would love to travel, too, but it costs money.....money that I don't have. haha!

Kayla MKOY said...

I know the whole point of this post was "don't be jealous of people...you have an awesome life just how it is"...but your friends gig? Yeah. Color me green with envy! Sounds AWESOME! & you and Mr. Freddie are pretty darn awesome how ya are :)

Emily said...

Um well OBVIOUSLY I vote Charleston to be on the top of your travel list!! :)

And I loved your rant-ish (but not at all) response. Heaven forbid you don't want children!!! Forget the fact that we should all be glad you're being honest. Especially with the God's timing part---I'm going to have to start adding that in to my response.

Amber S Schlaht said...

The pregnancy question actually pisses me off. Thanks for thinking of our sex life, but would if we can't have kids due to a medical reason that we have chosen not to tell everyone we know? What if we just don't want kids? what if we have been trying unsuccessfully?
People need to have tact and not ask personal questions.

/stepping off my soap box.
and dang! now I want to travel! lol


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