March 28, 2014

up high, down low, in the middle, too slow

It is Friday. It is spring. And it is in the 70s today. Thank the spring time sunshine lovin' gods because the 30 degree nights we've been having have not been very beach appropriate...

Because it's Friday and nice outside and because I sure do love me a good linkup I'm linking up for some high fiving on this here Friday. 

Five Favorites From the Week:
 (or the past Few days..trying my best to draw out that alliteration). 

1. On the way home from Atlanta last week we stopped at one of the best places in the whole wide world: the DeKalb Farmer's Market. That place is heaven on Earth and heaven for your mouth and bellies. Other than missing family, I might miss this place the most. 
I'm pretty sure we finished off most of this food during the first half of the week. I never said I had self control. 

2. Going back to Georgia also means going to Kroger which also means stocking up on all the soda water. Seriously though, what is all other soda water lacking that it doesn't taste as decadent and perfect as Kroger brand?! Mind blown.

3. Some days I get really anxious about my life. But then I finish a class with cuties who say things like...
Student: Are you a mommy?
Me: Nope.
Student: But you are married so you're a mommy.
Me. Nope. I'm married but with do not have kids yet.
Student: Oooooh! That's why you're so refreshing!

4. One of my good friends and wedding coordinator extraordinaire was in a terrible car accident on Wednesday. We are talking hit multiple times, once by an 18-wheeler. His car looks like a few scraps of metal right now, but what does he look like? He looks just as he did before. No broken bones. No horrible injuries. No pieces of glass or metal stuck anywhere. Everyone keeps telling him he is lucky to be alive and he reminds those people that he is a superhuman. Is the terrible accident one of my weekly favorites? H-E-double L no. Is Paul walking away from said accident one of my favorites? Yes, siree! Paul, never again. Love, me.
If you know anything about Paul then you know that this was probably the exact same face he was making while mid-accident. Really, people?!

5. I took over The Blog Baton yesterday. I hope the amount of ballet and/or dance related pictures only scared off several people and not a huge mass of people. When I say dance is my life I'm only half kidding. And by half kidding I mean...not kidding at all.

What were your favorites from the week? 


Allyssa said...

What an incredible blessing that Paul wasn't hurt! Wow. Definitely something to thank God for!

As for the dance pictures..I LOVE them. I'm 25 and I still take ballet and tap classes just for fun. Once dance is in your life, you can't get away from it.

Happy Friday! :)

Bailley said...

hi from the link up! That farmer's market looks amazing! so glad to have found your blog, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm craving warmer weather like a sugary donut right now!! I want it so we can hit up local farmers markets like that!!! Loving your ballerina pictures :)

so glad to hear your friend was able to walk away from that accident -- he sounds lucky to be alive!!

Ashley said...

That's why you're so refreshing!! that!! :) And I also love me a good Farmer's market.

Your ballet pictures are the best!!

SO glad Paul is ok. That is terrifying.


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