March 14, 2014

it's what you wear from ear to ear

Do you ever just have certain things in life that make you smile? Smile bigger than the Cheshire Cat. Smile bigger than the Orbitz lady. Smile so big that your mouth opens and you don't realize how insane in the membrane you look at pictures of yourself. Oh, that's me. 

Life has been throwing a lot of these smile worthy moments out lately. Although, don't you think life is constantly throwing these smiley moments our way? It just depends on our attitude and how we are looking at these moments? When we approach said happy moments with a rawr life sucks it must be Monday attitude then we aren't really giving a chance to the potential smile that's waiting to be released. Let's be Positive Pollys forever and always, deal? Deal. 

It makes me smile when...

-one of my students interrupts class with a Miss Emily, I just love you so much.

-that sweet student makes up for all the misbehaved students of the week. I'm must be doing at least one thing right.

-some of my ballet students remember the year Coppelia premiered. High five!

-I realize that the countdown to when we're next going home is super short. Hai, next week Newnan trip. You be looking so good. 

-Freddie picks out and throws away all of the yellow and orange gummy bears from the 3 lb. bag we recently purchased. Hashtag: dedicated.

-we get to drive 4 minutes to the beach to watch the sunset.  

-my body is sore from rehearsals for a new show. Yay, performing again! Yippity yay. Also, old freaking body. 

-the sun is shining. And I remember my sunglasses. 

-I wake up and it is suddenly, magically Friday. 
Happy Freakin' Weekend!

What's been making you all smiley? (or...what's been making you all Miley? I'll accept either answer).


And So I Did said...

I love this! Life is too short to be unhappy. There are so many things in life to celebrate and to smile about. I'm so enjoying being grateful for all of the little... and big things lately. It's truly turned around my perspective! :) Yay for a new performance!!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

4 minutes to the beach would make me smile for sure! I love when I can find my sunglasses in my bag with one hand while driving and it's sunny out. Total win!

Kayla MKOY said...

Love your attitude on life, always!! You're so darn cute. Sounds like those little ballerinas love you!!

Kenzie S said...

I love the idea of this list - I could definitely use some reminder of things that make me smiles. My allergies are in full swing and I feel like walking death right now. I know I'll be smiling ear to ear when I finally feel better!
Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Alex[andra] said...

The sun shining puts a HUGE smile on my face!

Helene in Between said...

That's so sweet of your student. Love that. And a 4 min drive to the beach? Jealous


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