March 19, 2014

an encore of decor

And now, with the press of the Publish button, I present to you the final wedding post. For now... It took me 4 months to plan this wedding and about 7 months to blog about it. So there's that for whatever it's worth. 

I am leaving you all with some snapshots of the decor. Planning said wedding in 4 months meant there was no time to sit and ponder and daydream and daydream some more and look at this and that about anything. I found what I liked and wam bam, thank ya m'am decided on it. It also meant spending thousands upon thousands in the decor area was just not worth it. Our venue was beautiful. The weather was beautiful. Our families and friends were are beautiful. That's kind of all we needed. Cheesalicious! Every thing else was made with love from some hard working hands (mostly the hands of my wonderful friends...). 

Some of my college friends decorated the entire barn for me the morning of the wedding. Without them, the day would have just been some vows under a pecan tree. They turned the day into a celebration
Thank goodness my friend is a creative genius with chalk. P-h-e-w.

I don't know how or when I got it in my head that we needed some kind of In Memory decor. But I did get it in my head. Freds didn't want to make the entire event be about these people missing and bring sadness to it, but rather acknowledge that these people were definitely there in spirit, partying it up with the rest of us. This table is/was so bittersweet to me. My grandfather passed away the month before our wedding so our family was together a lot within those 90 days. Some for sadness and some for happy times, but together through it all. Then we have Freddie's sweet mom that I never got to meet, but I think his ridiculously kind spirit, giggalicious sense of humor with a contagious laugh, and the fact that he looks just like her are plenty of indications that she was a special lady. 

Something old: my grandmother's lace.
Something new: a wedding dress. 
Something borrowed: pearl earrings.
Something blue: new initials sewn in my wedding dress.

We used the same florist who did my parent's wedding and my grandparent's 50th anniversary party. Represent. 

Freddie and his friends have been brewing beer for several years so they concocted some special wedding brew and a friend from the theater designed a cutesies label and Voila! Something Brewed just for you.

One of my bridesmaids asked if there was anything she could do to help. And then she and her mom came up with this fancy 'ole program fan like it was a piece of cake. Remember when I said I have the best kind of friends? Example #467.

Let's talk cake toppers. Like, whoa, am I right? Why is something so small so hard to decide? I must have looked through one and one bajillion cake topper ideas between Pinterest, Etsy, and Lawd only knows what other forms of social media. I found the silhouette idea and got so excited. The excitement was followed by in the I am so going to screw this up kind of nerves. That's when another trusty friend was in to save the day. And made the cake topper for me...while I watched and cheered her on.

You made it! To the end, that is. If you ever start to feel a void in your life because of the lack of my wedding picture posts, feel free to hop on over to Chucktown and I'll sit ya right down to look at all 800+ of the originals ;)

Speaking of weddings, Freds and I are headed out to Georgia today for his twin brother's wedding this weekend. Twinsies who get married within a few months of each other stay together? ...Or something like that I'm sure. I've got Georgia on my mind and I ain't mad about it one bit!


Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

As a bride planning my wedding I love seeing pictures like this! Looks like a beautiful wedding!!!!

Kenzie S said...

I love all of your decorations!! I'll definitely have to keep a few of these in mind ;D

Jenna Griffin said...

Ahhh, I love all of your photos! Wow, you put so much into your wedding. I know, first hand, that it makes it that much more special when you friends help so much! I love the memorial for your lost loved ones. It is so special!

Yay for Georgia! Where is the wedding? One of my friends has one in Atlanta this weekend. I wonder if it's the same one! Eek!

Kayla MKOY said...

Wedding posts are my favorite, especially when they are written by you!!! :) I feel like we say this all the time but wouldn't it be great if we could just relive our big days once more?!

jackie jade said...

your wedding day looks so beautiful and amazing! love all the personalized details :)


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