March 5, 2014

and a hug around the neck

Remember that one time I was planning a wedding and posting some pretty weddinglicious Wedding Wednesday posts? Or after my wedding when I was posting some pretty weddinglicious post-wedding WednesEveryday posts?

Well, Miz Old School Been Married Six Months Bride over here never finished those really important wedding recaps. And with the heavy traffic of people viewing my new wedding page I thought I should finish up these bad boy recaps (I mean, that wedding page is up to like a whopping 2 views a day. 2 in 1!).

We left off these posts with some man and wife action (not that kind of action, ya nasty). You know the pictures. The staring lovingly into each other's eyes picture. The swing picture. The kiss picture #1, #2, #3, and on and on. The dance picture. The kiss #4 picture. 

Now let me take you on a tour of the beginning of our reception. The dancing. The toasting. The hugging and squeezing all of our friends and family wishing that the night would never end. Typical wedding stuff. 

Lemonade, sweet tea, and smiles. 

A brother/sister Weiss Waltz (can we make this a real thing now?!) Remember I said there were a lot of hugging/squeezing pictures? This squeeze-y hug is one of the best. 

A father/daughter jig. Or something. We both did a really good job of moving around and shaking our booties. I do love that Russell man a whole lot. 

After the Weizz Waltz and the father/daughter jig, everyone seemed inspired to get up on that dance floor. And shake it like a polaroid picture. Yes?
A spy a whole lotta polaroids shakin'.

Just like any middle of a wedding reception, we had a flash mob. A choreographed surprise dance. Remember I like cheesy things? (Food and emotions, just to be clear). I fought this idea. I fought it so hard. But when am I ever going to have all of these precious dance friends all in the same room again?! So me and 20 of my closest dance friends, old ballet teachers, and family got up there and flashy mobbed my new husband.

Which started with some jumping up on chairs...

And went on to the mob of dancers, who came from every nook and cranny of the room, entering the dance floor...

And finished up with some Thriller. Because why the heck not?

In order to follow through with the title of the this post, I will finish it up with some hugs around some necks.
And this Mr. Dude right here (otherwise known as Randy to some people)...he and his wonderful wife, Ellen, came all the way from Texas to photograph our wedding. I grew up dancing with Randy. We partnered together a lot and one time he even dropped me on my crotch...but that's a story for another time. It was such an absolute joy to have them come take these pictures for us. Pictures that I will treasure forever. And ever. And ever. And maybe one day stop looking at obsessively...Thanks, Randy and Ellen, I'm squeezing y'all's necks via this blog right now.

For curious minds:
Brother/Sister dance: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Father/Daughter dance: My Girl by The Temptations
Flash Mob was a homemade compilation of: Good To You by Go Jimmy Go
What I Like About You by The Romantics
Marry You by Bruno Mars
Thriller by Michael Jackson


Kayla MKOY said...

Your wedding photographer was something special!!! Love them ALL!! Don't you just love reliving your big day?? :)

Emily said...

I absolutely love the flash mob!! Beautiful pictures. :)

Margaret said...

I'm glad you didn't fight this idea. Because why NOT do an awesome flash mob at your wedding!! I love it :)

Kenzie S said...

Your wedding was so absolutely gorgeous! I love looking at the pictures you share!

Susannah said...

Looks like you guys had a blast at your reception!!! I'm jealous that you had a flash mob! :-)


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