December 18, 2013

man and wife

Yes, yes it is what brings us together, on this here blog, today. 
And last Thursday.
And last Wednesday.
And last Monday.
And...we'll be together for other reasons someday soon. Pwromize. 

Today marriage brings us together so that we can ooh and aah over some pictures of man and wife. Bride and groom. Freddie and Emily. Us. We. You get it. 

We did not do a first look. I know, I know. It saves time. I know, I know. It gives you a special and quiet moment together before the crazy day. But...isn't it illegal to see your bride in full regalia before she walks down the aisle?! Or something like that according to my 8 year old planning my wedding mind. I'm glad we didn't save time and we didn't see each other beforehand because there is no smile greater in the history of upside down frowns than seeing Freddie's smile when I got to the top of the aisle. 

Why did I always say I would never ever get married outdoors? (oh yes, the uncertain weather and possible rain. And the bugs. And the smells. And the sweat. And...). I love the black and white pictures, but boy oooh boy the little bit of sunshine left in the sky shining through all of our pictures is downright magical. P-e-r-i-o-d.

And now, because those 7 F&E pictures were just not enough I will go ahead and include some more shots from the first dance.
Freddie and Emily Pictures: Breaking It Down As Man And Wife Edition.
 like oh my gawd, my husband is kissing me. lolz. isn't that the voice that plays in your head when you see my mouth open face?
 Freds calls this one my side boob picture. Since I have no boob that could be mistaken as a side boob I call this one one of my favorites. Such a tender, sweet moment. Side boob or not. I love it.
And that my friends, 80% of the way concludes our wedding pictures which means that 80% of the way concludes these wedding picture posts. 

Other recent life news?
-This is my last week of teaching until the holiday break. WHAT. WHAT. No really, what?
-We are leaving for Georgia on Friday night.
-I haven't been home since the wedding in August and I. am. so. excited. And no, I cannot hide it. 


Ashley said...

Yay for going home!!!

Ok the picture inside with you guys to the right....ahhhhhhhh....PLEASE submit that to a magazine.

And the swing??! Why didn't I have a swing, dangit!

These pictures are incredible.

PS. I want to do a Charleston trip maybe this summer. Can we please get together for lunch or dinner?!

Christa at Forever Young said...

Such beautiful photos!

Allyssa said...

I'm with you 100%, girl! I'm totally planning on waiting to take pictures until AFTER the ceremony. I don't want to be seen beforehand. It's tradition! So many people are doing first looks, but I just really feel like it messes up the magic of walking down the asle to see your sweet soon to be husbands face. Great pictures, by the way! :)

Alexa said...

Gaaaah y'all are just the sweetest! Those outdoor pictures under the tree are gorgeous! We have some under a huge tree dripping with moss and they're my favorite of the whole day. :)

Kenzie S said...

I am so with you on not doing first look pictures because it is tradition for the groom not to see his bride in her wedding dress beforehand, it's bad luck!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

precious wedding pictures! totally stalking, found your blog and I'm loving it! :)


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