November 1, 2013

procrastinating. wasting time. and such things.

As I sat down last night to write this here blog post I quickly opened up at least 3 other tabs. From Wells Fargo online to Facebook to Gmail (why do I obsessively check my email at 10 o'clock at night? Oh, that's right. Because everyone sits down to write Miss Thang an email before they go to bed. Not). to some online boutique wish listing to...well, you get it. Distractions: I am good with them.

By the time I came back to this tab with the cursor just a' blink blink blinking at me, I completely forgot any genius blog post idea I had earlier that night. Seriously, the cursor. It's like Eeeeemily, looook at meeee. Every time I bliiiiink it just means another second you are losing your blogging braaaaain cells. Mwhahaha. 

Read that out loud in a creepy ghost voice, obvs. 

Then I decided, Voila! Let's write about all those things with which I waste my precious (not-so press  time. By write about them I mean put them down in list format. 

Online "window" shopping. 
I'm not really sure what it's called when it's online and you're not just "looking" in "windows." Whatever it is called, I do it all the time. Hey man, I totally will spend $98 on an Anthro shirt one day. Or Yes, I definitely need that tunic to wear with leggings! Leggings! Where are my leggings? I need new leggings, too. My cousin recently started working for a boutique as their creative writer and like any good cousin would and should do I liked them on Facebook. To show my support, obviously. Somehow I have managed to convince myself I need every single item of clothing they post on Facebook. And somehow I end up on their website on a daily basis. But this sweater! Look! And these pants! Somebody go get something now so I can just creepily stalk you instead of their website. 

Oh, then a mom of one of my students came in wearing these shoes the other morning and I had an epiphany and realized they are what's missing in my wardrobe. 

Looking at wedding pictures.
In case you're just catching up, we got the link to our official wedding pictures this past weekend. Our 800+ wedding pictures. I do this thing where I gorge myself in wedding pictures and run through all the emotions of the day all over again. I get to a point where I decide I've looked at every single one and picked my favs and we're good to go and they are beautiful and wonderful. Then (usually within 12 hours) I start to miss them and get clammy and convince myself there's so many I haven't seen! Or noticed! And oh my gosh what about that one where we were kind of smiling in a candid way, should that be a new favorite? So I have to go back and look through a bunch again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Don't you wish you were living with me here? And by here I mean in my crazy brain. 

Checking my bank account.
I like to think this is so I can be on top of it (whatever "it" may be), but really I think it's just because it's another website I can randomly open and eat up time using. Random money has never magically appeared in or disappeared from my account so that's cool. I guess. I'd be pretty okay with the magically appearing money part. 

Checking my email.
This one is very similar to the process of checking my bank account. I do sit with my email page open long enough to think about organizing through my inbox. I never leave it open long enough to actually follow through with said organization. 

Facebook stalking.
I am too embarrassed with my knowledge of random people and their lives to comment any further on this topic.

I also frequent such websites as,,,, and You've probably heard of some of those. Not to brag, but some of them are kind of big deals. 

What do YOU do when wasting time having fun?
Oh, P.Freaking.S.- I only ate 3 pieces of candy last night and Freds was in bed by 9. What is this adult life?


Alex[andra] said...

I'm right there with you on checking my bank account! I'm glad you were able to admit it because I've never actually said that I do that out loud before. But, I like making sure all my transactions are correct and that I'm keeping within my budget!

Helene in Between said...

i get distracted so easily. i wish that i didn't but it's the truth and i can't help it.

kodi_jo said...

Instagram is a huge time suck for me -- I go all the way down to the end of my feed every night before bed. Like I have to do unwind. Ahhhh. I might have to set up a no-technology-in-the-bedroom rule for myself.

Also, yes, you need those shoes. Plus, you'll be giving a pair to someone in need. So it's basically necessary to purchase them.

Sarah said...

I go through periods of checking my bank account big time but then other times, I swear I will go a few weeks without even looking at it. So bad lol!

Emily Carnes said...

Ummmm I think I know your pastor---at least, he looks familiar. What's his name? Is this another creepy Newnan connection for us??

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh….I do the same thing all the time. I wonder how much I can get done if I just close all the tabs….ahhhh!!!

That wedding picture of you…LOVE. So much emotion, I love it. You look amazing.


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