November 10, 2013

a people party

I'm in full wedding nostalgia mode. Is that normal? I mean it has been a whopping 2.5 months since the big weekend. That means it was a lifetime ago, after all.

But the thing is, I don't want to go back to the ceremony or the vows or the actual nuptials. Those events were, well, they were perfect (I know, I know. I would normally say gag me instead of using the word "perfect"..but they were.) and I very accurately remember every single little emotion that was welling up inside and outside of me there and then.

I'm nostalgic about the people. The most amazing group of people from all over the country who were together for a few short hours. Several weeks after the wedding someone said to me, It's so sad and crazy, isn't it? You have the best combination of your friends and family together and they'll never all be together like that again. And it goes by so fast that you can't even spend time with most of them. 

That's the part I want back. The people! The talks! The catching up. The hanging out. The hugs. The feeling of having everyone you could ever want together actually together in one place (minus a few people who couldn't make it. They were there in my mind!) Freddie and I didn't even realize the crazy number of people we didn't even realize were there until we were reading over the guest book. How did we not even see some people?!

While you riddle me that I will leave you with a short story...

Remember here when I said I would never ever in a million years get married outside? In my mind, that weather, all temperamental and like, was not worth the stress. Well, guess what? Big old liar face got married outside. For the 10 days out from the wedding the forecast had rain. And not a few sprinkles or a mist, but rain, rain, rain, baby. 

I, being the complete opposite of melodramatic, was saying things and bargaining with Mother Nature like,
Of course, it would rain on Saturday! That's what I get for getting married outside!
Oh my gosh, but really, is it going to rain?
Ugh. Why didn't we choose a church?
Whatever. It will be fine. My dress will totally last if it gets wet all on the bottom.
Maybe it will sprinkle a tad and then after our short ceremony the pouring can start. 
Double-you. Tee. Eff. Please don't rain.

You get the picture. The picture being that I was not a crazy bride-to-be at all. 

So there we were Friday evening at the rehearsal dinner. All of my family, all of Freddie's family and all of our world's best bridal party having a blast. Stuffing our faces with food, stuffing our wine glasses with more wine, and celebrating being together

That was when Russ Moore stood up to make a speech, no doubt. My dad is a sensitive soul. We teased him to no end that he would be a ball of hysterics on my wedding day. Funny: I don't think he shed one tear...

Anyways, I had no idea what on earth that man was going to say, or how he would make a speech without getting choked up, or how long or short it would be. 

And then he did something that I will never ever forget. He thanked everyone for coming (normal), he cheered to me and Freddie and our life together (normal), and he explained that the weather for Saturday was looking grim and the only way he could think to fix that would be to do a group anti-rain dance (Russ Moore say what?)

With lots of laughter everyone stood up and waited for his cue to start. 
Then this beautiful, hilarious, slightly weird, and most wonderful thing happened.
For 10 seconds, all of our family and friends boogied the rain away.

With that, Russ Moore officially had made the best Father of the Bride "speech" in the history of speeches. 

And guess what? Saturday was rain free and gorgeous.

Now when is the wedding reunion?


Helene in Between said...

omg. this is literally the bet thing ever. amazing.

and you're so right. it goes by so quickly. all the people you love in one room, and it never happens again. it's not fair.

Jennie Grange said...

seriously can I get an amen!
Wouldn't that be so awesome if that were to happen.
ps. those photos are beautiful!

Ashley said...

Y'all are so fun!! Love that anti-rain dance!! :) Wedding nostalgia is totally normal. I still get it! That just means you had an amazingggg wedding. Seriously, there needs to be a built-in reunion. Like, pass out invitations at the wedding for an automatic 5 year reunion.


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