November 8, 2013

mom, mommy, mama

My husband is a twin. Fraternal twin. In fact, fraternal to the extent that they don't really even look like brothers, much less twin brothers. Didn't you know that fraternal meant fake meaning not really twins?! Oh, it doesn't mean that? Weird. My dictionary must be outdated. 

But lawhammercy, whoever invented the word "twinsies" (obviously a very well-educated person decided to add the -sies to the end of twin and make it a brand new word! wink.) created it to describe those two guys. They are so in sync. They have their own language and laugh right at the same moment when something funny happens. They mumble talk for hours on end and still get so excited to tell each other every thing. They are twinsies and it is precious. Really. 

I am not a twin. My sister and I probably look more alike than Freddie and Jimmie do, but that is besides the point.

The point is that while I don't have a twin, I am twinsies with somebody. That somebody would be my mom. My motha'. My mommy. My mater. 

I mean twinsies in the in sync/think exactly the same things and exactly the same moments/be awesome kind of way, kapeesh? I know, we kinda sorta look alike too.  We don't call it twinsies, per say. We say things like same brain! Or great minds! Because let's face it, when great minds really do think alike you don't even have to say that whole expression. Just shoot me a great minds! text and I can catch your drift (okay, so maybe everyone would get what that is supposed to mean...).
In-same. Should the rest of this post be about how great Arrested Development is? Yes.

Growing up is strange, isn't it? We spend our entire lives connected to our families (if we're lucky) and then all of a sudden one day you're supposed to grow up and move on. Start a new family. Live somewhere new. Detach yourself, to an extent, from the family with whom you've spent 18+ years.

Slow your roll, Emo Emily.

I love living in Charleston. ATL will forever and always be special and be home in a sense, but my bum was tired of sitting in traffic day in and day out in order to get anywhere. Literally, my butt was tired of going numb from sitting in the car for so long. 285 ain't no traffic joke.

I love love getting to spend every day with Freds. That's probably the best part of this situation. I mean, sure the beach is a pretty cool perk, but I'm coming home every night to be with Frederick, people! This is the life.

I was ready for this. I was ready to experience a new place. I was ready to make Freddie my family.

I was not ready to miss my twinsie of a mom so dang much.
I've gotten the small ping of Holy-shitake-mushrooms, why-is-MC-in-a-different-state several times within the past few months.

Like when I want to go shopping and realize Freddie, bless his heart, doesn't notice (or care) if a shirt hits my hips at the completely wrong spot. (Ugh, birthing hips, amiright? Another thing for which I can thank my twinsie Mommy-O). Like how about when I got my first Stitchfix box this week and was like...who is supposed to help me pick these clothes?! Where's the StitchFix elf in the box?
Or when someone posts something ridiculous-with a capital R-on social media. What can I say? MC and I judge what you put on Facebook. You do it too. Super creepy story though, bro. I picked up my phone to text my mom about something cray I read when I got a text from her TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING. It really is so in-same to think so alike at the same time. Mind blown.
Or when I find a GroopDealz for a 45 piece set of Thanksgiving photo booth props. Holla! Heeey, fam-a-dam! Guess what we're doing on Thanksgiving?!

Kind of like that one year mom made us all wear pilgrim and indian hats. Only one way to get the Thanksgiving party started. And this is it.
4 years ago and we're still rockin' the party look.

Oh mother of mine, I am quite looking forward to seeing you in 3 short weeks for some T-giving fun. And shopping with you. And pointing to each other and going saying SAME! with you. And you moving closer to Charleston.

I mean, what?
Love, your mini-me.
Even sleep at the same time...well, at least 24 years ago we did.
Everyone all together now, awww.


Kayla MKOY said...

This is so dang precious, love your relationship with her!! :)

Helene in Between said...

y'all are so cute. i think i am twinsies with my mom, since i have twin sisters i get jealous but my mom also takes my side (also im the better sister). It's so great that you have such a wonderful relationship with her. moms are the best!


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