November 13, 2013

i'm all 'bout it

Have you ever googled chocolate chip cookie recipe and gotten one of those links to an recipe of BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES? (Have you ever read a really long sentence on my blog?...) 

The answer has to be a big fat, yes, if you've ever googled any recipe in your life. must have the best of the best of the best of all the recipes. Every time one of those pops up I really want to pull an Elf. 

But in a sarcastic I'm not wearing a pointy hat and tights and your cookies are mediocre way. 

Freddie made some of those cookies this past weekend. When I say made some I mean made enough for our entire apartment complex to come over and leave in a cookie coma. Except instead of everyone in our complex eating them we decided to save them for us to enjoy all week a few days until they are gone. 

Insert foot and cookie in mouth. 

I don't know if Freddie added any secret Chef Freddie ingredients (like crack because I'm hooked), or if it's because we got dark chocolate morsels instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Morsels here means more which means LARGE which makes the cookies better than the best. When I go to eat one, I eat three, but these are the kind of cookies where you have no regrets. 

After writing all of this I realize I don't even have a recipe here for you.
Sorry, but I hear you can find the BEST of the best cookie recipes on Google...

Let's see. What else. Hmm...
Last night we drove around listening to Christmas music and looking for Christmas lights. Spoiler alert: we even found some! On November 12. Isn't that something?

You know, isn't that what life is about? Spontaneously driving around with your spouse jamming to Christmas tunes on a Tuesday night in November to see Christmas lights? Or something. 

Good news is we ate some cookies when we got home. Now that is what life is about.
Over and out.


Alex[andra] said...

No recipe to share? And no cookies to share with me?? I'm sorely disappointed. :p

Ashley said...

Am I missing the actual recipe??? I need a link!! :) I do the same thing…expect my goodies to last for a whole lot longer than they actually do.


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