November 15, 2013

bloggings biggest WOW moments

I've had a lot of thoughts lately. Thoughts about this topic. Thoughts whirring around in my brain. Thoughts oozing outta my pen and onto paper. (Read: thoughts oozing out of my fingers and into my notes app on my phone). 

We spend so much time perusing blogs, commenting, creating friendships, perusing new blogs, sharing blogs, tweeting about posts, etc., etc. that it almost feels like it is completely normal to do so. That we were put on Earth to be the best bloggers, dagnabbit! 

But what happens when our blogging minds get blown? What happens when the very thing we spend 70% of our time (are you laughing that I only said 70%?) thinking/talking/looking/writing/doing still manages to surprise the you know what out of us? 

I've compiled a list of 3 Holy-What-Holy-Wow-Did-Not-See-That-Coming Blog Moments.

Our letter of the day this point is the letter "V."
Vlogs and Voices.
How many of you create a voice for a particular blogger? When you read their blog, you hear their speaking voice. I mean, you already know most things about them like where they are from, where they live now, what they do for a living, who they married/are dating/are not dating/dumped, so it is only fitting that you created a voice that, in your mind, goes along with their "character."

Go ahead. Raise that hand up. Don't lie. I do it too. In fact, most of you are probably thinking about my voice while reading this very sentence. (I'm sick so I hope you've added the right amount of man pitch to my voice).

But then one day said blogger posts a vlog. Or a video of them playing with their dog. Or a video of them talking to a child and you hear what their for reals speaking voice sounds like and WHOA. Blogger say wha?! Das your voice?!

Sometimes it might be more of a oh... moment.

And sometimes it's more of an of course, that's what it sounds like! moment.

But it is always a WOW moment. 

Real Grown-Up Jobs
A handful of bloggers will tell you what they do for a living or name the field in which they work.
It's a trick.
We readers think Wow! They do such and such! I know what their job is. Cool. We must be on our way to a best blogfriendship. In reality, that tells us nothing. It's kind of like me knowing that my husband is an engineer. I sound all knowing about this man with whom I agreed to spend forever until the real questions come out.
Where does he work?
What does he do?
What parts does he work with? parts? He does quality...
Then my voice trails off like a real life ellipsis in hopes that the questioner gets the point.

I'm actually clueless. 
So while I can tell you that Sally over at Such and Such Sally's blog works in marketing, in actuality I have no idea what I even mean when I say that.
And while you probably have caught on that I teach dance and choreograph, what does that really mean? Because I will go ahead and answer your first question. No, it does not mean I go on my "tippy toes" and play with 3 year old ballerinas all day.
It does mean I end up dancing most places I go though.

WOW moment. Mind blown. I don't know as much about my blog best friends as I thought...

As a reader, you know a lot more about me than any 'ole stranger would know. You also sit on that awkward fence between complete stranger, friendly acquaintance, and good friend. You know what foods I like (chocolate), what alcoholic beverages I reach for in the evenings (give me all of your white wine and no one gets hurt), how I decorate my house (like a dorm room, moving on), what trips I take (always and only Disney), what trips I want to take (Disney again), what I think about doing on the weekends vs. what I actually do on the weekends (sit on my backside and sit on my backside). And on and on and on. 
But do you really know me
Did you know have nasty double jointed arms. Look! Learn something new every day post!

Do you know my every day routine? Do you know what makes me tick? Am I closer to my brother or sister? Mom or Dad? What are my best friends names?
Do I really know every day you?

Let's not even get started on whenever a blogger writes about a big life event or states there is "a big announcement" coming everyone always assumes it's a baby. Scratch that, whenever anyone on this sweet Earth tells me they have a big announcement I assume it's a baby. Oh hello, random stranger man, you have an announcement? Your wife is obviously having a baby. Oh, you date men? Then you're adopting. Think about it. There are so many big life moments that we never will know about each other. It's crazy to think about everything I don't share on this here blog because it's crazy how much I do share. 

So then, end of post deep thought starts now: how much should we share?


Kayla MKOY said...

Point number one IS SO TRUE I had to laugh out loud. Seriously, hilarious. It happens to me every time! I'm always wrong, lol!! I essentially use my blog as my journal, with a few sensors. I don't give out my address (obviiiously), and don't talk about my last name much...I also don't say exactly where I work in fear of a stalker coming to stab me at my desk. Ha! Paranoid much? But really, I like to be pretty candid and open :) love this post, miss Emily!!

Helene in Between said...

GREAT post. first vlogs. i am always like ohhhhh. ok. people always think i have an accent since i'm in texas. none. and I was told that people think im an old lady or mommy blogger before they read my blog when i'm actually the opposite.
but then i wonder what "persona" my blog portrays. im sure people mis diagnose it since im just writing. I feel like with certain bloggers I would get along with them better than others. Like you i think we would be friends in real life. but then again maybe we don't really know since we are just writing what we think we are like and I may interpret that differently.

sorry for the book.

Alex[andra] said...

I've definitely thought about the issue of "over sharing" on ones blog. I've read some posts where I thought the blogger was over sharing.. then I scrolled through the comments. That's when it hit me: what might be over-sharing to one person is just what someone else needed; they can relate to that moment and the two bloggers/blog&reader can help each other through that moment.

I definitely hear you (ha, see what I did there?) on the comment about bloggers having a voice! Vlogs are fun to see how a blogger "really" is but I still find I end up reading their posts in the voice that I've "created" for them.

Great post. :)

Allison said...

Haha this is awesome. I totally give bloggers voices and then most of the time when I hear a vlog I'm surprised. That's why I will never do a vlog. Haha. The blog world is such a crazy, but awesome little community.

Ashley said...

It's weird because sometimes when I hear a vlog, I'm like, uhhh your voice kinda disappoints me…and then other times, I'm like, wowww you are so cute! Maybe the voices where people are over valley girl make me a little ehh.

And I'm with you…every time somehow has "big news" my brain automatically goes to baby!


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