December 11, 2010

On the third day of Christmas...

my true lurves gave to meeeeee:

Christmas funfetti brownies

Excuse me, Holiday Funfetti brownies.

Now, I probably should not have started our 12 days with that fab garland. Whatever we make now just looks easy and effortless. Well, brownies from mix can be hard some times, okay? Like when you misread the instructions and put too much oil (sooo never happened to me, of course), or misread the instructions and put way too much water (once again, Emily never has done), get the idea. So, yes, we made brownies from mix. And they were fun(fetti). And rather tasty. And Ann was back! 

Aw, Ann is such a good little stirrer.
Wow, look at those pouring skills.
Ann kind of decided the left side wanted all of the candy sprinkles. Don't know what she had against the right side...
They were done just in time for the church Christmas party at our house tonight. Nothing like lots of yummy food and fun times with fun people! Really though, nothing like brownies from mix made lovingly just for YOU by Emily and Ann, your true loves. 

They are ready to be eaten. Come and get 'em!

P.S.- Don't worry, we are so skipping out on the calling birds tomorrow. Nobody needs those. Now, if they were texting birds that would be a different story...

1 comment:

MaryCaroline said...

I actually enjoyed nibbling on these brownies and I don't even like brownies. Probably because of the funfetti.


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