December 13, 2010

On the fifth day of Christmas...

Emily and Ann (your true loves) gave to you...

a bobble Santa centerpiece

Who doesn't need a bobbling Santa in the center of their tables? The answer is everyone needs one. Unfortunately, I only had one kit which makes one Santa. So, that means the Moore household dining room table will be looking tres cutee for the rest of the season. 

Do you think this craft was easy or hard? I will just start quizzing y'all everyday. Hint: the answer rhymes with weezy. I sat down with the space heater at my feet and voila! 3 minutes later I had a bobbling (slightly crooked) Santa.

  Ah, Santa's naked. Don't look.

Ho Ho Ho! I look good.

Now, I know some girls/women out there would much prefer the five golden rings. Shh, just don't tell Santa. He might stop bobbling around and being all cheery.

Tomorrow marks the halfway mark (that is, only with my janky counting of the 12 days of Christmas)---get ready!

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