December 12, 2010

On the fourth day of Christmas...

mon vrai aime me l'a donné:

foam reindeer handbands

Still singing? Good. I hope you sang the French as well. We are now starting the week before Christmas. Please excuse me while I go jump up and down and do cartwheels... 

Ok, you caught me, I can't really do cartwheels (Ann can, she is too cool), but I can get SUPER excited about Christmas. And what better to get in the Christmas spirit than looking like a reindeer? 

Dasher and Dancer
This craft was super hard.

Haha, not. The kit came with all the parts. All we had to do was stick them on the headband wherever our little hearts desired.

My little heart desired to center the antlers.
Ann's little heart couldn't make up its mind.

After four minutes of hard labor, we were done! We were so excited we decided to take a picture just like the little boy and girl on the front of the kit.

Yes, I do realize Ann and I could be models. We are working on it. Look for our shining faces on some 2011 Christmas craft items.

There you have it. Another fun and exciting (and slightly cheesy and awful) Christmas craft completed. The kit came with enough supplies to make 12 headbands, so the first ten calling birds (or, in non-Christmas language, the first ten callers) get a reindeer headband made just for them. My phone will be buzzing away. I better get prepared. Look! It's my blog's first giveaway. 10 reindeer headbands---get them while they're hot ;)

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