December 19, 2010

On the eleventh day of Christmas...

my true Moore loves gave to me...

Martha Stewart felt coasters

After last nights glitter disaster, I gave Martha one more try. Martha, Martha, Martha, why do you torture us so? How do you make everything work when we normal human beings cannot? I thought, "Felt? Hole punch? Coasters? EASY." Martha fooled us again. Do not fret, there is some good news that comes from this tale...
Russell joined the Christmas crafting party.

Whose manly hands could these be?

It only took 11 days, but we did it. We got Russ Moore to help. However, even Russ was no match to Martha. She won fair and square. The felt was incredibly uncooperative and did not like being punched with the hole puncher. Our interfacing was not the correct fusible wrapping Martha wanted, therefore the coasters did not stick together. And finally, Mom's true strength was too strong for Martha's hole punch. One squeeze from MC's muscles and that hole punch was a goner. There was such excitement tonight! However, I may have to give up on my Martha (MARTHA, as it is called) crafts and stick to some crafts that normal earthlings can accomplish.

Tracing super straight(ish) lines.

Punching holes; pre-breaking hole puncher and pre-Russ having to come save the day

Ironing away, trying to figure out Martha got two sided coasters when we got one sided coasters...

And we have coasterish things.

I guess the plus side is that coasters are usually mostly covered by the drinks that sit on them. If Martha was Martha Moore she could participate in our 12 Days of Christmas and come tell us how to do these crazy things. Ah well, life goes on and guess what?! We have ONE day left! How did these days fly by so quickly?

Before you set you alarm to read my blog before bedtime tomorrow, let me fill you in on some important information. Your true loves are taking a vaca for a few days to visit the wonderful Walt Disney World. (Law knows we need a break from MARTHA crafts...). This means that your last day of Christmas will be on Christmas Eve! How perfect?! Also, Uncle John has completed every possible fun fusion Christmas ornament so he won't be sneaking up to the house and updating my blog with more fun fusion pictures :) 

See y'all on Day 12! Christmas Eve! The Night Before Christmas!

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