December 14, 2010

On the sixth day of Christmas...

my true, amazing, wonderful, spectacular loves gave to me:

two Christmas foam frame ornaments

Actually, more like 1.5, but who's counting. Let's look and see how funsies today's gift was.

I am all about the ease and the cheese for these 12 days. Ann is all about these things too, but that goes without saying. (LOVE you, Ann) Also, I just love frame ornaments. I think my parents should have a tree filled with frame ornaments of my face. Just kidding. (mostly)

Ann and I have gotten really good at sticking things on other things and voila we have something new.

Now, the final step was a tad tricky. The last time I printed pictures was when I was going to college as a first year. 3.5 - 4 year old pictures would just be false advertising nowadays. Little Ann has grown up and now looks older than me, while I have the Benjamin Button case and am slowly resorting back to my adolescent years. However, I finally found an acceptable picture for my frame...

This is me in my true state: fatty fatty no friends with a Varsity hat on my head. Okay, maybe my true state 3 years ago. Now I would have chocolate all over my face while scolding others for their poor eating habits. (Chocolate doesn't count, right?)

So, we have one completed ornament. The other ornament (half) will be completed at a later date. Being that my pictures were old and Ann is all grown and old now, she did not want to put this amazing picture in the frame...

I think this is PRECIOUS. Little witchy Ann. With 3D glasses and a scarf/turban...

I want to revisit a few Christmas days past. Remember the wooden ornaments? We added glitter!

Yay glitter!

Remember the reindeer headbands? Cello decided she wanted to dress up as a reindeer. 

Yay, Cello!

Also, shout out to Ruth and her gingerbread house. She secretly knew I wanted to make a gingerbread house today.

Yay for 12 days of Christmas crafts in Kansas!
Well folks, we've made it halfway through this entirely thrilling and exciting journey. See you tomorrow when we go swimming with some swans.


Ann said...

oh, the things i would very much like to say right now.

MaryCaroline said...

I love the glittered ornaments! Almost as much as I love glittered Cello!


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