December 18, 2010

On the tenth day of Christmas...

my family of true loves gave to me...

glitterfied snowflake ornaments

Today was once again a family affair. (minus Russ who was channel surfing far away from the rest of us). Also, I should clarify. Mom, Ann, and I were doing the snowflake ornaments while Uncle John was busy continuing to ride on the fun fusion train from day eight. He was at our house less than five minutes before he was asking where the fun fusions were. Oh goodness, sounds like we have found something cooler than Legos and GI Joes.

Now, this kit was Martha Stewart. If you remember from day seven (?) we loved us some Martha crafts. Martha crafts are like the icing on the cake of all the other crafts. I have never found a Martha craft that I didn't like..except for this one. 

Uncle John was having a major fun overload moment. Should he make the remaining two fun fusions OR rub glue allllll over the snowflakes with his hands?! Luckily, he was able to multitask and the fun officially began. 

La la la, glittering the snowflakes. Carefree and ignorant.

This was a true example of how looks can be deceiving. The instant we lifted the snowflakes to shake off the excess glitter, the majority of the glitter decided it wanted to fall off as well! Fun times! Our snowflakes (especially mine for some reason...) ended up looking like a few preschoolers went crazy with lots of glue and very little glitter. 


Oh well Martha, you can't always be the best, right? Sometimes Oprah or Dr. Phil have to win over you (if only they made crafts...). However, we finished the glittery, sparkly, pretty (?) ornaments and kept a smile on our faces throughout the whole ordeal. Although, I think Uncle John had a smile on his face because he was doing fun fusions.

It is officially one week until Christmas! YAYAY!! Let the party begin!

Only two days left of our 12 days of Christmas crafting. What will happen next?! Will Russ join in on the fun? (hahaha)

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday Dad!

1 comment:

Russ said...

Thank YOU for the happy birthday! And I am enjoying reading your blog posts far more than I could ever enjoy making a crafty ornament!


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