December 16, 2010

On the eighth day of Christmas...

these two (four) really great people whom i know and love gave to me:

8 (more like 7) fun fusion ornaments

I would say Mom has officially joined the 12 days of Christmas bandwagon. Between the three of us, we made some pretty cute fun fusion ornaments today. These were so cool when I was younger. Poor Ann had never done them before (oh to be born in the 90's). However, after ironing the first one (and having great difficulties), Mom and I realized why we stopped doing fun fusiony irony things...

Let's make some goodies

Making these is not as easy as one would expect. The tiny pieces (beads?) don't like to cooperate with hands larger than a 2 or 3 year old's hands. Since all of us are well over that age, meticulously sticking the pieces on became a chore. However, Mom and I were moving right along.

Oooo, what will these turn out to be?!

Ann, the one with the smallest hands and tiniest fingers, had the most difficulty.


Ann eventually got the hang of it (and surpassed me in fun fusion skillz). However, there is one person that Ann skills could not surpass. Uncle John came over (when we were not there) and sat right down and started fusioning it up. I came home to two new fun fusion ornaments, courtesy of Retired Master Sergeant John F. Caldwell III. Apparently Parris Island teaches you MANY skills, not only how to be rough and tough and ooorahy.This means that the bigger your hands and fingers are, the better you are at making such tiny fun things.

Here are our completed 8 (or 6)!

Whoever can guess who did what ornament will get a...reindeer headband!! So, guess away! 

P.S.- Uncle John is upstairs completing two (or ten) more fun fusions. Therefore, I am not really lying when I say there are eight. Yay for family crafting Christmasy time on day eight. Russ Moore, you will be next to join...

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