December 17, 2010

On the ninth day of Christmas...

my true tired lavahs gave to me:

a Christmas stained glass sun catcher
(stained plastic...)

 Our stained glass (plastic) will look just like this, I'm sure

I am barely making the midnight mark for today. Ahh, day nine almost ran into day ten....gasp! Nutcracker performances are this weekend which is hindering our crafting time. Tsk tsk. No worries, Mom, Ann, and I stayed up late just for y'all, my avid blog readers.

I'm not going to lie, day nine's craft was not so much fun. You're supposed to paint this plastic thing and the paint doesn't drip like it's supposed to and it says to use toothpicks but that doesn't work and Ann and I aren't good at it but Mom is but she was busy doing other things and...phew. World's longest run-on sentence. HOWEVER, I'm sure the final result will be all worth it, and day ten will be back to fun and jolly times had by all. 

 Phase 1: pretty ornaments and star. Slightly annoyed MC, MLE, and Ann

Phase 2: completed tree(s). MC and MLE have almost given up...

Phase 3: Ann finishes the sun catcher! Way to pull through, Ann. :)

Good thing this has turned into a family affair, because otherwise I may not have not finished today's craft. That would have been no good! The song is not the 8 days of Christmas! Shout out to Ann for "painting" (spreading, dipping, whatever it was...) away. Girl, you are the BEST true love.

Uncle John and Dad were hiding somewhere today. I guess sun catchers aren't has fun as funfusion ornaments. (obviously, since it isn't called a funsun catcher, just a sun catcher...boooring).

Now, all we have to do is wait as our Christmas sun catcher dries overnight. Don't stay up waiting for a completed (and dried picture). Go on to bed and we'll see you tomorrow :)

p.s.- one minute to spare. Woo!

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