December 15, 2010

On the seventh day of Christmas...

my truest lavahs gave to me:

Seven swans a-swimming 

I mean...

Martha Stewart felt ornaments

Good ole Martha. Where would we be in our lives without her? Probably sitting around bored as ever because we don't have clever crafts and recipes to try. Luckily, we don't have to know a life without Martha--tonight's crafting was a family effort (Minus Russell, although I wish he had because that would have been ever so precious and picture worthy). We were definitely the opposite of bored as we merrily sat around sticking felt to more felt and creating fun designs.

Why yes Martha, I would love to make your felt ornaments.

Mom worked on the two complicated ones. Yes, sticking felt together CAN be complicated when it involves lots of tiny tiny pieces. I worked on three of the easier ones. And Ann, dear sweet Anny-Poo, worked on one, the present. They all look quite adorbs. Snaps and claps for Mom and Ann (she has no choice, my 12 days of Christmas partner in crime) for helping out and being all jolly with me.

Oh hai, we are so cute and want to hang on your tree!

The seventh day of Christmas also brought along several other things. 1)Lots of ice. Go away, ice. I prefer to play in piles of snow than to slip and fall on sheets of ice. 2)Cookies. Ann came home from school with cookies. Why does this not happen on a weekly basis? 3)Gnocchi. Say it with me, KNOW-CHI. Dear ole Dad went to Maggiano's without me, BUT I was able to eat his left over KNOW-CHI for lunch. Scrumptious. 

We will definitely be passing on the milkin' maids tomorrow. I don't do cows. (Ann does, but shh not on this blog).

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Ann said...

i don't like cows..and the present was hard!


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