January 8, 2016

friday favorites: the roll up, but not the fruit roll-up one

Favorite Song
Listen up. Rodeo is coming up in March and since this will be our first rodeo (har har) we have to be ready. Sidebar: I literally have zero idea what I am talking about or describing when I use the term "rodeo." I've been told it is the bomb, the best, the pinnacle of the year, but that still tells me nothing about what rodeo is.

However, in preparation I'm listening to a lot of Zac Brown Band because apparently he comes to perform at this mysterious, wondrous, month-long rodeo.

Favorite Food
I just realized how unappetizing a giant slab of meatloaf looks. My b. 
This week's 007 Date Night was all about From Russia With Love. However, in this household it was known as From Russia With Loaf. Eh? Eh? Get it?! So funny. We used vodka sauce for the meatloaf, and even ate regular potatoes because...vodka is made from potatoes. And because Freddie said so. I've only mentioned my love for sweet potatoes one or fifty times on this here blog, so regular potatoes were a big ol' sacrifice for me. I know, I know. I got through it just fine. Thanks for asking.

We (I) also said, MA! THE MEATLOAF! about fifty times on Tuesday night, and we (I) thought it was hysterical.

Favorite 2016 Moment
We're eight days in the year and so much has already happened. I mean, come on! We even already made meatloaf! What else do you have for me, other 358 days?! Personally I feel like it's already almost 2017. Kidding, but my top moment of these past eight days was definitely getting this text from Katie Bo-Batie on January 3. Three days in, suckers! Like I said, 2017 is already going to have to do a lot to top these past eight days. Let the wedding hashtag brainstorming commence! <<most important part of getting married. It is 2016, after all.

Favorite Pilates Move
The Roll Up
Instead of an MLE gif, you get the Big Man himself, Joseph Pilates, demonstrating this move. 

This move works your deepest layer of abdominal muscles (your transverses abdominis), and when done correctly, is far more of an abdominal workout than any number of crunches and sit-ups you could do. PSA: stop doing crunches and sit-ups and do this bad boy.
Pro-tips: Don't push down with the back of your ribs to get up. Instead think of almost levitating and pulling up with the front of your body. There's weakness in speed. Try doing this in a slow 8 count. 


Favorite Thing To Talk About Non-Stop
We, like 90% of the rest of the country, hopped on the Making a Murderer train, and it is going 95 MPH so there's no way in heck we are getting off any time soon. Listen, I've watched a lot of Dexter so I'm pretty much a blood splatter expert, people. That's all I'll say for now---you can come into your own conclusions, but. But! But! Watch this show if you haven't and then let's start a big butt long email chain talking about this case. Yah? Yah (<<<inside joke from the show, duh. Go watch it.).


Why haven't you started Making a Murderer yet?
And I haven't counted to eight yet! Are you still rolling up?!  
Happy Friday!
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Darcy said...

I loooove Zac Brown Band!!! Such a good song choice.

Carly Messmer said...

MAM is such a sad mess. I am glad that so many people are watching the show, though. I don't know how it will help, but hopefully people will be more skeptical in the future.

Helene in Between said...

I did not think you were going to talk about a pilates move from the title of this post! I just started watching Making a Murder - so interesting.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Meatloaf is probably 98% more delicious slathered in vodka sauce. Vodka sauce is life. (Okay maybe a tiiiny bit of an overreaction. Just a little.)

Also I had no idea pilates was named after a dude. I don't know where I thought the name came from...but whatev.

Also 'go go gadget engaged' is the best thing ever and now I'm mad that that's not how I announced our engagement. Missed opportunity.

LASTLY we finished Making a Murderer two nights ago and UGH so many feelings. So much anger. YAH.

Kayla MKOY said...

I have yet to watch the murderer show and I CAN'T WAIT. We loved Dexter, so this documentary style show sounds right up our alley!!!!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

everyone is talking about making a murder but i don't think its for me lol. i might check out dexter though. also, i want all the potatoes. congrats to your friend getting engaged, love the 'go go gadget engaged' haha wish i had announced ours that way!

TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

evrybody is talking about making a murderer and I WANT TO SEE IT SO MUCH! and yeey congrats on the engagement! Let see dress pictures soon yes? XD

have a great weekend honey!

Kodi Jensen said...

Making a Murderer is particularly interesting living about an hour from where it all went down. I remember news footage from when it happened, and assumed the court got it right. Facebook is a mess of people mindblown by Making a Murderer and others refusing to watch it because they think it's horrible to drag the Halbach family through this when he is surely a guilty man. I sit in the middle frustrated about the whole thing...the story is a horror. The murder, the misconduct, the media, the bringing it back up for those who loved Teresa, but if the wrong person(s) is in jail while the guilty party roams free, that's horrible too, and worth shedding a light on.

Emily said...

Watch it! Watch it! Maybe you started it after reading this on Friday and you're already done today...? ;)

Emily said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize you were so close in proximity! The "blowup" of this show on all forms of social media has been crazy, and a lot of people have just been downright rude. I can't imagine what the Halbach family is going through. Several times throughout watching the show I had to sit back and remember the horror that family must have felt/still feel. I hope that this show is not only shedding a light on this case, but other cases where there were some serious wrongdoings!


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