January 20, 2016

lessons from emily

It's been 70 degrees here in the past couple of days. Not like a warm 70, but a crisp, cool 70. 

Does that make sense? We were walking the dog yesterday and Freddie was making fun of me for wearing a jacket when it was 70 outside. I had to explain that 70 degrees can feel very different. A low of 70 is one thing and that one thing is warm. A high of 70 is a tad different. A high of 70 means a low of 40 which means cold.
A crisp, cool and beautiful 70 degrees. 

So yes, 70 degrees can feel very different depending on if it's the high or the low. Do you think Freddie appreciates that he can learn so many important things from me? I hope so. 

Here are some other tidbits of knowledge that I have ever so graciously shared with Freddie:

It's better to stuff and cram things in drawers than to have it out on the counters. Drawers looking messy is okay (for a bit). Counters looking messy is not okay for any bits. 

Shut the dang shower curtain. I can deal with closing the toilet seat all day, erry day, but we wouldn't want a mildew-y shower curtain now, would we? WOULD WE?!?!

Even though we have an endless supply of throw pillows, it does not mean that we have an endless supply of pillows. Throw pillows are for looking at, not laying on and scrunching up. Obviously! Not all pillows are created equal.

Worry about everything. Everything! Are you worrying that you aren't worrying enough about everything? Good! That means you're headed in the right worry direction, but could still use some worry work.

When singing along to the Jake Owen song, Beachin, sing 'cocaaaaaaaaaine', instead of 'cold can.' Just do it. It sounds like that anyways.

While writing and brainstorming this very facetious post, all I kept coming up with were serious and very helpful things that Rick Rick has taught me. Like always try the vegetables you swear you don't like because you haven't tried them in years and they will become some of your favorites (hey, Mr. Eggplant, I'm talking to you). Or just swallow the dang Tums when your tummy hurts, no matter how chalky and gross it tastes. It will help. 

May your 70 degrees always feel sunny and warm!
What are some important things that you have taught your lavah?


P!nky said...

Funny how a temperature can change depending on the season.

Carly Messmer said...

Haha I love all your tips! Especially the new vegetables! I've converted so many people to Brussels sprouts fans now that they've had them prepared in a delicious way. No more boiled vegetables!

Andrea Nine said...

Fun post!! Too funny about the Jake Owen song, and I'm totally going to do that! Have a wonderful Wednesday !

Meg Taylor said...

TOTALLY agree about the differences in temperature AND THE SHOWER CURTAIN!! Come on, men! I also like your take on throw pillows. I second that!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

THE SHOWER CURTAIN. Yes. I constantly have to close that thing.

Also I just put facetious in my post for tomorrow and was feeling extra smart about it. High five for smart words!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my gosh, the pillows. i've given up with throw pillows because KC piles them on the floor to use as an ottoman under his computer desk. drives me bonkers.

Kayla MKOY said...

Throw pillows...that is a WHOLE topic in our household. Caleb swears they are too expensive and we never buy any. His solution? Throw our decorative BED pillows on our couch and use them for naps. LOL.

Hannah Nicole said...

That view is amazing!

Darcy said...

I also think temperatures can feel different depending on time of year! For example, in October if it is 50 degrees everyone thinks it is freezing! In February, if we get a day that is 50 degrees everyone's in shorts haha!

Hi, I'm Susannah! said...

Haha. These tips are great! I love the counter vs drawers one because that's TOTALLY me too!

Erin LFF said...

Yesss, omg! CLOSE the shower curtain! First off, the mildew issue, yes. But also, they are freakin' cute! I took forever finding that perfect shower curtain to make our bathroom cheery and fun, it needs displayed in all it's glory!!! ;)


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