August 26, 2015

on being the eighth out of seven

Sometimes I get really into a certain topic.
Like really, really into a topic. 

There's usually no rhyme or reason for this. I just randomly stumble across a piece of information which sneakily steals my attention and then BOOM, ten hours of Google later I'm suddenly an expert in said topic. Excuse me, a top expert. I immerse myself in said topic and can't stop reading about it, learning about it, and stalking it (creep creep) (promise no people stalking). I guess you could say I have obsessions.

My latest obsession is over the start of the space program.


As I mentioned one or four times before, I started watching The Astronaut's Wives Club. Which led to me Googling the cuh-rap outta the Mercury 7 and everything or anything related. I could not get enough. Which led to my mother buying the book for me (probably in an attempt to shut me up). Which led to long discussions with my grandfather who worked with NASA in its early years. Which led to YouTube-ing news coverage videos from the launches and blah blah blah, promise I'm not crazy

I was about to type out that there are several reasons why I am obsessed with NASA's early years, but then I realized I couldn't think of one legitimate reason I became so intrigued. I just am. 'Cause my brain said so, that's why! Alan, Gus, Wally, Gordo, Deke, John, and Scott. Louise, Betty, Jo, Trudy, Marge, Annie, and Rene. I guess you could say we're all biffles and I am the eighth of Mercury 7, obviously. I mean I do live in Houston so Houston, we do not have a problem with this intrigue of mine. 

I'm obsessed. You get it. Moving on.

Reasons my obsession makes no sense:

one ||
I wrote an entire post once about how I was a terrible, disappointing wife. The sixties would have destroyed my set-up of no cooking, all eating, and flat, greasy ponytail hair. Sometimes I wonder just how those women got their hair so flouncy, bouncy and fun. And their cat eyes so perfectly curved. And their jello salads so...well, jello salads are just gross. 

two ||
I am terrified of the thought of space. The thought of being straight up shot off into oblivion. I panic on roller coasters that have drops in them so ain't nobody (me) got time to have a permanent stomach-in-throat feeling. But I'm sure I wouldn't be the first person to wet my pants in an astronaut's suit, amiright or am I right?

Let's ignore the facts that I could never be an astronaut for important reasons of intellectual levels. We'll stick to it's because I'm scared of stomach-in-throat feeling. That makes more sense. 

three ||
On that note, the thought of having my husband blasted off into the open ends of space would make me sick to my stomach. I am a top notch worrier. Like I could get a medal for worrying and then worry that I wasn't worrying enough. I worry when Freddie rides his bike without a helmet so I can't imagine how I feel with him shooting off to space. suits have helmets so maybe I'd be better with him doing that on a week night... 

So here, I'll go from weird blogger to good little blogger in a jiffy and make this a book review post.
The Astronaut's Wive Club: read it.
While you're at it you should probably read Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance.
And all of Liane Moriarty's books.

Back to weird blogging...
What are you obsessed/fascinated/intriqued with in the totally not weird at all obsessed kind of way?


Russ said...

If you're truly mesmerized by this topic, you should 1) read and 2) watch The Right Stuff. The book is by Tom Wolfe.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I love Wikipedia. I research random things all the time. But I don't stick with a topic afterwards. One day I read about the Oklahoma City bombing and serial killers and Waco and all this weird stuff and I was like, "NSA is going to come for my ass, aren't they?" Hahaha.

Meg Taylor said...

Okay, so I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. I go through phases like this too (that's what my husband calls them). Most recently, it was looking at amusement parks (mainly Disney) that closed down, or just old photos from the parks. I love the stories behind it! I also love mid twentieth century history, so I really want to get into the Astronaut Wives' Club.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

um. so, like, don't judge but i had no idea the show was about real people and how it actually happened. i was like hey i don't remember the guys posing for that photo in the show, and then i looked closer lol. very interesting. i shall blame it on the whole not american thing? meanwhile, i could totally not be an astronaut for the scary factor as well, totally not because i'm not smart enough ;)
jello salads?! wtf is that?

Anonymous said...

The beginning of your post made me laugh, I can't think of anything off the top of my head LOL but I totally get what you mean. Was a bit busy this summer so I never got to pick up that show, just might have to now Looking forward to reading your blog more!


Britton @ Southern Wife French Twist said...

I think we are all guilty of that! I get that way with stories in the news. It drives my husband nuts!

Also, it's actually really interesting to see how accurate the show is. I originally started watching it just to see if they pronounced my maiden name right (spoiler: they did!). I always knew Wally was kind of the jokester of the group from what my grandfather told me about the guy. Still kind of cool to see my grandfather's cousin being portrayed on a tv show and not in a bad way ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

I love that you get obsessed with things. I'm totally the same way. I think that show looks awesome and I'm sad I haven't started watching it yet!!! Oh well. Maybe it'll be on Netflix soon. I also love that it led you to have some conversations with your grandpa! How cool!??!

Angela said...

I've been really interesting in all things space-related since I read The Astronaut Wives Club last year (I really enjoyed the book, by the way, even though a lot of people online were giving it bad reviews.) I don't understand my interest either!

Anne said...

As an obsessive personality over here, I can't blame you one bit... and will be adding this book to my list. I did the obsessive thing with reading all of Liane Moriarty in the last year or so :)


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