January 26, 2016

on field days

There are two words that, when phrased together, scare the pants off of anyone.
field + day = 

Field Day

Cue the horror movie music. Dun dun dun. The dreaded day of field-ing. Or something. The day of being outside in the heat and having to do things that make you even hotter in the already hotter than heck heat. Slash things that make you feel like a failure. Can anyone remember specific details from his or her field days past? I really just remember hating it because a) it wasn't anything dance related and helloooooo, ballet rocks (and is hard. I'd like to see YOU do a triple pirouette into some fouettes! ;)) and b) did I already mention the being hot outside part? and c) I'm just not athletic at all/I don't care. 

Well when the Pilates instructors at my studio decided to have an instructor field day this past weekend I wasn't sure if I should be excited or if I should be pants-off level scared. Would we be doing Teasers off of the slide at the park? Would we have to memorize all facts about Joseph Pilates and recite his life history while running a five minute mile? I had no idea what to expect. 

You know what I should have been expecting?
A field day full of FUN (it's always fun when the alliteration comes out). 
Because that's exactly what it was. Fun! Funsies. No horror movie music played, no one lost his or her pants from of being scared, and no one lost (okay, that's a lie. My team technically lost but shhhh. Losing is all relative, amiright?). 

Spoiler alert slash PSA: no Pilates moves were used or harmed in the making of this field day. 

Let me sum this up the easy way.
Here are Three Ways Why Adult Field Day Rocks Way Harder Than Kid Field Day:

Because you're an adult doing fun kid things. That's way more fun than being a kid doing kid things. 
Being grown a** women decked out in all kinds of blue? Way better than dressing up as a kid. 

Because you don't have to be sad when the day is over. Guess what? You don't have to do homework at school tomorrow while daydreaming about field day fun day. You're an adult and adulthood = no homework.
Heck! You're an adult so you can just take yourself back to the park for field day fun day, part II. 
Sidebar: adulthood does equal a lot of responsibilities which are worse than homework, but we won't spoil the fun right now. 

Because you aren't timed on your mile run. Instead you just have to scream and run as far as you can until you run of out breath. 50 Yard Scream > all other kinds of running. You get bonus points if the other kids/adults in the park start screaming with you. 10 points for Team Gryffindor Blue! 
no shame in my scream game.
Other field day favorites include: A Day at the Beach, Playground Obstacle Course (children included as obstacles) (no children were harmed in the making of this adult field day), and the Three-Legged Race (not to brag or anything, but my third leg friend, Miranda, and I rocked this one. We were more like three-legged sprinters, but like I said...no bragging).  

So really all that matters is my main end of blog post question: 
Why haven't you had an adult field day yet?
Why don't you work with us at Pure Body yet?


Carly Messmer said...

So much fun! I'm not competitive at all - it drives Adam crazy, but I loved field days! Haha I think I just loved a break from the classroom during high school.

Darcy said...

Haha oh my gosh this brings back so many memories!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i don't think we ever had anything like this, but I know KC does and always has a fun time (probably because he doesn't have to do the things he doesn't want to lol). this one looks super fun though!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Girl, any time I see someone doing fouettes I have to stop and stare and try to figure out how that girl is defying the laws of physics. Seriously.

I did ballet when I was 4-8 but I started doing other dance classes again when I was like 12, and eventually I was required to take ballet again for my jazz class so I took beginner's adult. And I opted to NOT be in the recital. Because I have horrible form. But anyway, if I could do a fouette I don't think I'd ever do anything else.

Do you like how I wrote like two paragraphs about just a tiny mention in your post? Oops! But field day does look fun!!!

Desirae Endres said...

This looks so fun! I totally wish I was a pilates instructor/ fitness instructor of some sort. I'd love to hear more about how you became one. Right now I'm scheduled for an AFAA certification so I can't wait to get that ball rolling!

P.S. as an 8th grade teacher, the word field day makes me cry big, alligator tears. And teachers are adults with more homework than the children (sad).

P.S.S. I definitely need a field day to the beach.

Kayla MKOY said...

Teach me your Pilate ways!!!!!! We should FaceTime and you can teach me the best moves while we talk about Lupe and Pitch Perfect and chocolate ??? Cool. It's a date! ;)

PS your field day looks amazing!!

Erin LFF said...

I'm not gonna lie... I loved field day as a kid haha! But this looks like a blast as a grown up too ;)

Caitlin Elisabeth said...

this is awesome!! i want to do one too! so glad i came across your blog and cant wait to keep reading! Hope you'll stop by mine too! http://caitscozycorner.blogspot.com

Emily said...

Oh fun!!! When will you start that certification? I've been doing Pilates for almost 9 years, and have been wanting to get certified for 5. Between getting engaged, married, and moving a couple times it had never worked out until finally this past year! I have one more weekend of advanced training, and then I test out in April---ahhhhh! I can answer 1000 more questions because trust me, I have a lot of opinions about it all ;)

Oh gosh, I can't even imagine the size of the alligator tears you want to cry with hearing field day.


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