January 29, 2016

friday favorites: the end of january edition

Happy Last Friday of January! And holy cow, is it really the last Friday of January? Do I really have to already start thinking about what to get Freddie I want for Valentine's Day?! 

Favorite Song
For some reason it won't let me post the original music video, so please enjoy this blurry lyrics video. You should be up and dancing anyways so the video doesn't even matter. 

I started this Never Ending '00 Hits playlist on Google Play, and Holy Mother of Millennials---such good music! Ugh, why are people of today listening to Justin Bieber when Outkast existed in this world? Come on, people. Can you shake it like a polaroid picture to Justin Bieber songs? Okay, yes you totally can to Baby and I will forever love that song, but! But but but. Outkast. Listen along and have yourself a lil' Fri-yay morning dance party. 
Favorite Food
Pinterest turkey burgers
Homemade Southwestern Turkey burgers. With guac and onions and all the yum. 'Nuff said. In the words of Marie Antoinette, Let them eat cake turkey burgers.  

Favorite Pilates Move
The Hundred
Pilates the Hundred
Go ahead and accept the fact that this seemingly simple move will make you break a sweat when done correctly. For realsies. The Hundred is all about connecting your breath to your body---breath gets strong, blood gets moving, and you get groovin'. You inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts, all while pumping your arms. Repeat for ten sets, and there ya go. Say hello to your warmed up body.

Favorite POUR MOI?! Moment
One of my clients came into the studio toting tulips and then proceeded to hand them to me because I had to put up with her that day. ?! It was the smallest and kindest gesture, and you know what? I haven't killed them yet so I think that says something to any magical green thumb fairy dust she sprinkled on them before handing them to me. It was kind of an a-ha moment--like Emily! You can totally do small and nice things like this to other people, too! Get on it! 

Favorite Photo. Period.
Remember when I wrote about one of my best friend's weddings? (heeeey-oh, let's all go watch that movie right now). And how it was the greatest party? Ever. This picture pretty much sums up the entire day/night. Lots of laughing, the biggest bride smile ever, and a whole HECK of a lot of dancing (including my husband all up on the groom because why not?).
flowers from clients

Happy Friday!
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TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

What an awesome month! Now valentine's day is coming yeey! :)
Giveaway on the blog!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

That wedding photo is amazing. And those tulips are gorgeous. And I love any and all southwestern food + turkey burgers so YUM. Have the best weekend!

Erin LFF said...

Outkast takes me right back to high school. I feel like his songs were played at every basketball game, mixed into every cheer/dance routine, etc haha! And how incredibly sweet with those flowers- they are beautiful!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

outkast! love that song. it's totally on my running playlist, no shame. and that photo is perfect. have a good weekend!

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm convinced the best songs ever came from the early 2000's. No joke. And that photo is adorable haha I love a good dance party!!!! That's always my favorite part to photograph at a wedding!

Carly Messmer said...

Those tulips are gorgeous! They really are the perfect winter flower. Those turkey burgers look great too - I loe a low carb option. Hope you have a great weekend!

Hannah Nicole said...

I saw that turkey burger and I knew I had to click on this post! Yum!

Emily Ballard said...

I can't believe it's already February!! A new start :)

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Ohhhhh the hundred! Love that move. It looks so easy but it's somehow so NOT. -- Lisa | Naptime Chai


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