November 20, 2015

why adulthood sucks and friendship rocks

Five Reasons One Of Your Best Friends Getting Married Is Actually The Best Thing In The World
The entire reason for our big ol' East Coast vacay was for one of my best friend's weddings. I don't think I've ever gotten so little sleep all while having so much fun. Or maybe I was delirious? Regardless, too much fun was had. Friends, keep getting married. Please! Because some people I kind of know are becoming experts in wedding wine drinking and reception dancing.  

one // You finally get to be around your best and oldest friends.
Eight and a half years works wonders on our complexions. 
I need like fifty stars and highlights and giant arrows around this point. There are so many reasons adulthood is the worst: Bills. Work. Responsibility. Slow Metabolism. But one thing that honestly never crossed my mind was growing up and not living near all of my friends. Now why this thought never occurred to me is ridiculous and proves how dumb innocent I was (am), but adulthood sucks! It blows! The worst! We are all spread out all over the country, and I hate it. I got to spend Thursday-Sunday with the best looking knees on the best looking bees of friends, and it just made me realize how hashtag effing blessed I am to have had these people in my life for ages and ages and ages and will continue to have in my life for ages and ages and ages. There are like so totes mcgotes my forever hashtag women crush wednesdays.

two // You get to learn how to use and apply makeup. Ten years late. 
Listen up here. I'm not trying to brag, but I kind of am totally trying to brag. My friend Hannah and I put on our granny big girl panties, found a Here's How To Make Your Makeup Amazing In Pictures pin, and we followed those instructions to a giant, caps lock T. The makeup looked so hair flip emoji girl good. ---->insert that emoji right here. 
See? Told you we looked hawt. 

three // Your husbands/fianc├ęs get to be around each other and try to be half as bee's knees-y as y'all are. 
It's been so weird for me that Freddie doesn't know some of my best friends well since we all live five hundred thousand too many miles away from each other. Getting everyone together and getting to see  everyone laugh and giggle and take five hundred thousand selfie stick pictures makes my heart so happy. 

four // You get to dance together! For the first time since you were 18! And you don't have to wear pointe shoes! And wine is involved this time!
Don't really think any further explanation is needed. No pointe shoes + three glasses of wine = better dancing. Little John there looking smooth on the floor ripped his pants doing a split sum up: we all had a horrible time on the dance floor, obviously. 

five // You get to go from being fourteen years old and talking about getting married and being in love to being in your twenties and seeing your friends get married and be in love. 
All the congratulations and all my love to the newlyweds! Brittany and Joey, let's party again on your anniversary next November. Deal.

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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The makeup ten years late is so true!

Darcy said...

This is such a fun post!! I think weddings are SO fun.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Looks like so much fun! And I'm with you on bills and responsibilities and a slower metabolism...not right.

Anne said...

And wine is involved this time! Yes, love it. Also love friends getting married now because it is so much more fun than my own wedding... we got married so young and were so bad at being the center of attention. But when I get to go to a wedding now with the same friends/family there, like when my sister got married? So fun. Glad you had a great time!

Anne said...

Oh, and when did I miss this new blog look?! So pretty.

birdie to be said...

My best friend got married this weekend and it was so special to me too!


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