September 14, 2015

6 Things That Define My Summer 2015

Now that summer is officially over (according to those people who are telling me I can't wear my white pants anymore), I figured I would do what any other blogger would do.

Steal a post idea from someone (The Daily Tay) who stole her post idea from someone else (Avoiding Atrophy). So, ladies and gentleme...just ladies (do men read blogs?!), without further ado let me introduce

1. Airports
If I had a nickel for every time I was at an airport this summer, I would have...well actually, to be exact, I would have fifty cents. That's a lot of airport-ing for one summer, let me just tell ya that. From late check-ins (slow Southwest is my favorite), to delayed flights (lighting is my favorite), and from never feeling full off of itty bitty size bags of pretzels to so much reading in the skies, I traveled all over the country. I spent a lot of minutes in airports. Now give me my nickels. 

2. Weddings
Apparently I stand weirdly. The more you know...

'Tis the season to drink and be merry get married! Three weddings down for the summer with one more left for the year. And already two for next year. And maybe more. Have I mentioned how much I love drinking and dancing and celebrating at other people's weddings?! Because white wine mixed with Shake It Off mixed with lots of lurve (mixed with photo booths) make for the best of times. 

3. Selfie Sticks
I made fun of selfies sticks. I was given a selfie stick. I was happy. Freddie made fun of selfies sticks. Freddie used said selfie stick. Freddie (and our newly taken 200+ selfie stick pictures) were happy. 

4. Sweat
I've already talked about this a lot on this here internet home space, but Holy Satan's Crotch was it hot in Texas this summer. I sweat a lot this summer. I wrote about it here in case you were curious about my sweat. You're welcome. 

5. Pilates
Seven months into my thirteen month certification program and I live, eat, breath (study, practice, do, read) all things Pilates. What that means is I do a lot of sitting and watching for my observation hours and a lot of practicing for my self practice hours. And a lot of reading because anatomy blows, dudes, and I don't care for its terminology.  

6. Google Maps
Let's take a moment of silence to thank Google Maps for all the OMG-I'm-Lost-In-Big-Bad-Houston moments that it has helped me avoid this summer. should still be silent. Google Maps has saved me a lot, okay?

...aaaaaand another second.

Okay, done.

Thank you, Google Maps. For getting me from the grocery store to Target to the yummy restaurants and back home. Fifty bajillion times so far. Thanks.

Anyone else take sweaty selfie stick selfies this summer? Anyone?


Erin LFF said...

FIFTY CENTS?! Holy cow- travel really does make you rich ;) I have not been in an airport in 16 months and that is just not right. And google maps, I do NOT know what I'd do without it. I love that when I keep screwing up and turning down wrong streets my phone just adjusts and keeps telling me the NEXT turn, and maybe the one after that... Hey, I'm directionally challenged.

Jenna Griffin said...

What did we do before Google Maps on our phones!? Okay seriously, it was only 4 years ago that I will still printing out mapquest directions because I didn't have a smart phone! Basically you're screwed if you get lost! How did I manage!? Haha.

Btw, go you on the pilates!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Michael makes fun of me/is genuinely concerned for me over my horrible directional skills. I don't know what I would do without Google Maps.

Lita said...

Firstly, your luggage is adorable.
Secondly, I am totally envious of your pilates determination.
Thirdly, I too used to hate on selfie sticks, only to recently discover how magical they truly are.

Let's be friends.


Ashley said...

Can we talk about how I did not attend one wedding this summer? WHAT?! Anatomy really would be so terrible.....I'm sure you're rocking the Pilates training out!!


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