September 18, 2015

the great mystery of fall. debunked.

Apparently my post theme this week has to do with seasons. I have a theme! A real theme! Am I a real blogger now? Enjoy.

Three hundred and sixty-four days ago I wrote this post about how to tell if it is fall in the south.
Spoiler alert: the entire post is facetious. 

I thought that today we could revisit the issue of How do I know it is officially fall?! Not when the calendar says, but when Mother Nature says. Because if I was taking a page out of the current fashion blogs' books then I should be wearing my boots and fur vests already (and my boots with da fur) (what what).  I think the ninety degree temperatures would say otherwise. 

Fret not, my friends. Today I will debunk everything for you so you can finally know, once and for all, if it is summer or if it is fall and what appropriate fashion to wear/things to do henceforth. 

Currently I am rocking outfits like this to stay cool in the heat. 
Survey says: Either it's not fall yet, or you, Emily, are totes seasonally inappropriate.

I'm noticing people have started putting out the pumpkin decor. In order to not confuse my home I keep season neutral decor out. Like this pillow. Meat is good in every season. And I guess there is a tornado season, but...
Survey says: Season neutral decor for the win. Now put out the Halloween candy. 

Tory Burch boots are cool and all, but I'm still styling the crap out outta my Target sandals. 
Survey says: Don't wear sandals in the fall, but I don't think it's fall yet so wear those sandals, girl.

If you are wrapping up in a giant blanket scarf to stay warm then bless you. I am putting a makeshift scarf of a cold towel on my face to stay cool. 
Survey says: Scarf weather is just around the corner. In about a month or so. 

And finally, I've seen some pictures of people wrapping their cold hands on a nice warm cup of Starbucks pumpkin something or other. I'm wrapping my comfortable temperature hands on some frozen grapes. 
Oh look, I ate so many it's hot outside frozen grapes that they are now gone. 
Survey says: Awesome snack. Any time of the year. But especially when it's hot outside. 

There you have it. Maybe it's fall. Maybe it's still hot outside like summer. Maybe you still want to wear your shorts or maybe you want to wear pants. Maybe you want pumpkins all over your house or maybe you want seashells all over your house.

You do you
(but definitely get some Halloween candy).


Meg Taylor said...

Mike always says that we have enough throw pillows, but somehow I feel like he could make an exception for that one! I have also been wearing the crap out of my sandals ;)

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

It's actually been cool here, then warm, then cool, then warm...because we have bipolar weather often. BUT I'll take it, it feels enough like fall for me. I'm sorry it's still so hot in Texas (if you're hating it) OR I'm happy it's still so hot in Texas (if you're loving it). :)

Ashley said...

I love this so much. Fall officially starts on Wednesday, so I'm going to need these temps to figure it out. The towel...on the the basically my life. Also, love me some Target sandals.

Laura Darling said...

I was laughing the other day because it was in the mid-70s and people were wearing jeans and sweaters. When it's the mid-70s in May, people wear bathing suits. Everything is relative I guess! :) But for the record, I'm still wearing shorts and t-shirts! Long live summer! :)


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