September 28, 2015

on channeling steve irwin

Freddie's been all about doing outdoorsy things lately. Let's go camping, Emily! No. Let's go camping, Emily! Will I be able to sleep in a bed and not see bugs? No. Let's go camping, Emily! No. And then I realized that in order to have Freddie continue to do all the cooking for the rest of our lives, that I probably needed to find some sort of compromise on the issue of outside things. 

So. Enter hiking. 

We've gone hiking the past two weekends, and I know what you're thinking: hiking in Texas sounds like an oxymoron and/or a lie. Ohhh, you went hiking? Along the flat lands of nothingness? But I promise we've gone hiking walking through some kind of woodland areas. They exist, and it's been fun. For real!

We forget the bug spray and have to find bug spray. We forget the sunscreen and pretend like we are immune to skin cancer. We forget water and stand drinking the water fountain water for 5 minutes each. See? Fun!

Freddie found a state park he wanted to go to this past weekend, Brazos Bend State Park, so off we went. We even remembered bug spray AND sunscreen (but not water...). Now, in all of his Googling I'm sure Freddie found out about the alligator situation at Brazos Bend State Park, and I'm assuming he didn't share the alligator situation with me because...well, then our Saturday hiking fun would have been non-existent. 

I was clueless as to what was in store for my Saturday as we entered the park, as we parked the car, and as we started on the first trail. I saw one sign warning about alligators, but I mean...there were children and dogs walking these trails! So what...they see alligator every five years? Yes?

The first alligator we saw was far away and we felt super special that we found it. Emily and Freddie for the win! They spotted the only alligator to exist in Brazos Bend! High five!

So we did what any regular, enthusiastic, just-found-the-one-and-only-gator-in-Brazos-Bend-State-Park couple would do.

We merrily kept going along. 

Wait. There was another one. That must means there are two gators in the park! Good to know. 

WAIT. HOLD UP. Then we started to pass a lot of gators, sitting creepily in the water. Four, five, six, seven, and on and on until we got to one that was pretty close to the trail. 
At this point I was starting to question my life/why I was on this trail. As I was pondering such deep, life-changing things I didn't notice Freddie had stopped to take a picture of one of them. That's when IT happened. IT. No, I wasn't bitten. No, I wasn't attacked. Yes, there was one right on the trail in front of me. I froze and considered screaming and/or peeing my pants. I went to grab Freddie aaaaaaand...he wasn't there. I think I said quietly screamed something like FREDDIE WEISS, WHEN YOU LEAVE ME IS WHEN THEY ATTACK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There was a freaking alligator within ten feet of my feet, and there was no way my feet were moving. Freddie got closer. Other people got closer, too. Some people took pictures. Some people silently freaked out. But all these people had something in common: they were dumb moving by it. I stood far behind trying to convince myself why I should walk past that alligator. 

If Steve Irwin could wrestle them, you can walk by one.
The signs stay to stay 30 feet away from alligators.
Okay, it didn't eat those people so I'm okay.

^^my brain during this horrific experience. 

After five minutes and ten people walking by, Freddie convinced me to go. 
Yes, the alligator that was probably going to eat me started moving once we walked by it. What even is the saying that was made up for this moment in my life. What even, alligator?! What even!

Long story short, we finished the 1.5 miles left of the alligator infested trail with lots of squeals, grabbing of Freddie's hand/arm/pant's leg, envisioning an alligator running towards us from the side, and speed walking. And definitely with no looking off the trail on my part. Must. Not. See. Alligators. Trying. To. Eat. Us. 

Then the scenery got beautiful! See?
Beautiful, beautiful, wooded area. With no alligators. But probably with coyotes. But who's looking? Not me. 

Thanks, Brazos Bend, for keeping your state park trails open even though your 400 alligators use them like they own the place. Really. It's a great thing you've got going on there. Real life Jurassic Park. 

Freddie, let's go indoor hiking at the mall next weekend. Deal?


Summer said...

Real like Jurassic Park! I like that♥♥

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

oh man! That is a hike indeed! Maybe you would have been happier camping if the hike included reptiles :)

Chesson {A Southern Twenty-Five} said...

I would have absolutely been one of those people getting a little bit closer, trying to take a picture. Love your alligator adventure!

Meg Taylor said...

Woah, that's a lot of gators!! I love spotting gators when we're driving along or on the golf course (FROM A DISTANCE) but that one on the trail is a little too close for comfort ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

that is terrifying!!
also, i have to be THAT girl but pretty sure old stevie never met an alligator.. because we don't have them ;) haha he was all about the crocodiles. poor steve.
seriously though, remind me never to go back to texas because that is the scariest thing i've ever seen.

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm so glad those terrifying alligators didn't eat my Emily up!!!!!!!! ;)

Laura Darling said...

Ohhh my gosh that is crazy! But cool at the same time! SO awesome that you got pics!

Lisa Loves John said...

Ahh!! I would have DIED, lol! So cool and so scary all at once!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

I love this!! I went on my first airboat ride over the summer and was soooo obsessed with seeing the gators...until one got right next to the boat. Then I got a little panicky. But it was so cool!!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Bloglovin' ALSO didn't show me this post until today. And this is TERRIFYING. I was on the edge of my seat possibly shaking and panting and having cold sweats just READING about that alligator. But now you have a good story to tell ALL THE TIME (I mean if I survived an alligator attack--which is what this story would amount to in my head, I would tell everyone I meet).


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