September 23, 2015

things i buy into

I'm gross. 
Let me just start off by admitting that so you all are aware that I am aware of this. 
If I have a big pimple, I will pop it. 
If my sunburn starts to peel, I will peel it. 
Picking, peeling, popping, pulling. All things I do. 
I'm really nice to my skin, obviously. 

Since that last statement is sarcastic, and I am not really nice to my skin, I have been on the hunt to find products that will help me be nice to my skin. That's when I found Cure Natural Aqua Gel.
Normally I skim over facial products when bloggers post about them, but wanna know what caught my eye about this one?

Something gross. 

^^^Beads of dead skin cells. Beads! Dead skin! Are you telling me there is an exfoliator that you can SEE working?! Did we just become best friends?! (me and the face wash, obvi). 

Also apparently it's the No. 1 exfoliator in Japan. How are we so far behind here in 'Murica?! No wonder we all are obese with pizza faces (wait...are we?). We have to get on the same face care level as Japan.

Side note: I'm almost 90% sure that the entire population of Japan is over there right now living life and having no idea that this product exists, much less is supposed to be their No. 1 selling exfoliator... (actually I'm sure the entire population of Japan is sleeping right now, but when they wake up they'll go on with the whole having no idea part). 

The reviews on Amazon make it seem like Jesus himself made this curious exfoliator, and when you use it you will get a glimpse into the billowy, pearly, white gates of Heaven. Maybe even catch a glimpse of Jesus! Sure, there's the rogue review (or two, but literally only two-ish bad reviews) where the person went full on chemist mode and experimented with the product. They said the beads appear EVEN WHEN they had latex gloves on so OBVIOUSLY it's not your dead skin. It's all a hoax! Stop looking at the fake pearly white Heaven gates!

Basically that person is a) maybe right/maybe wrong and b) has way too much time on his or her hands to experiment with Japan's No. 1 selling exfoliator. 

Anyways, blah blah blah, I bought it. And...

// drumroll please //

I love it.  
I don't care if the beads on my face are my dead skin cells or not. This stuff leaves my face feeling smoother AND softer than the smoothest and softest baby's butt. It says only to use it twice a week which makes me want to cry. Why can't my face feel baby booty smooth and soft all day every day?! Whine whine.

So maybe I buy into things way too easily (true), and maybe I should read all reviews on products (instead of reading the upwards of eight...on a good day), but I think Japan knows what is up.

Many thanks to Japan and to Cure for making my face smoothalicious.

Have you heard of this or used it? Or heard of something better that really should be the No. 1 selling exfoliator?? Are you gross, too? Are you tired of questions?

**I was in no way compensated for this post. By Cure or by the country of Japan. I just like feeling my soft face. 


Carolyn Riley said...

When you find a super exfoliator it's just the best feeling! Love your disclaimer too

Emily said...

It is the best! Now if I could just find all the other "best" products...;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

hahahaha this is hilarious! love this post and you have 100% convinced me to buy this. i want super soft skin, k thanks japan.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I just bought a facial scrub (for like $4 at Target) and holy cow exfoliating is life changing. You know that book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (or whatever it's called)? They should write one about exfoliating. Also now I really want to buy this when I run out of the stuff I just bought, even if it is eight times the cost. I feel like Japanese people have great skin sooooooo they can't be wrong.

Candace Shiflet said...

hahah I love the disclaimer, I cannot believe the country of Japan did not compensate you for such an awesome review!! Sheesh! But for reals, this stuff sounds really good, like heaven good (as you explained) I looked at the reviews and pictures (why did I do that??) and the white pealy skin stuff is gross but awesome. It's kinda pricey but it sounds like it might be worth it!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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