September 4, 2015

on being a guest and a host

Visitors are like...the most fun. Ever. Like totally! Having visitors means you get to show off your town, why where you live is the best, and why they should move to the best and never leave. Ever!

I tried this a lot in Charleston when we had visitors there. Guuuuys! Move here already! It's the best!

But then PSYCH!, we moved to Houston and now it's one of the best. The only thing about having visitors in Houston is that we are still kinda guests here. We are exploring too many pot holes of the city so it is harder to show it off, if ya know what I mean. 

So this week while my family is here, we're kind of letting the city of Houston prove to us that it is the best of the best. 

It's doing a stellar job, btdubs.

Here's our current Top Five Novice Things To Do In H-town. The H. The H-ston. Son. 

I say novice because we have only been here five-ish months and we have only explored about five-ish percent of the city. 

ONE | 
As soon as the visitors enter the city you must turn the car towards Lupe Tortilla and order the steak fajitas. Don't ask questions. Just do it. <<<motto for Nike and for Lupe. Just. Freaking. Do. It. And eat it and love it and be happy.

Look up the free museum hours and go. Go! Why haven't you gone yet?! We live right next to the museum district and I didn't even have any idea that there were fifty million museums here. But there are fifty museums here, at least, so go! They all have various free hours, and what is better than free?
Other than Lupe fajitas...Those are better than everything. But you already know that since you've already done #1. 

All that walking in the museums has probs got you hungry, right?! RIGHT?! Choose from the following: Torchy's Tacos, Luigi's Pizza, Kolache Shoppe, Killens Barbecue, Bodega's, and...literally any other local restaurant you pass while hangrily driving through the city. 

Remember #2 up thur when I was like blah blah free stuff? I have another free thing for you to do---for sure to do.  Go see a performance at Miller Outdoor Theater. It is free. You can bring food. You can bring alcohol. This is almost as good a set-up as Lupe fajitas. Almost... Freddie and I kinda sorta definitely have a Miller routine going. 1) Walk to gas station and stock up on wine (me) and Lemonadritas (him)(srsly). 2) Walk to Miller theater and lay out the quilt. 3) Chillax on the quilt while drinking your wine while enjoying the free dance/music/whatever performance. 4) Bask in the awesomeness that is your life. 

One word: Astros game. Okay, that's two words. Here's a better choice of two words: Dippin Dots. I know you know that I know you know how much I love me some ice cream of the future. I can't wait for that future date when this dotty dessert is the ice cream of the present. This Sunday is Star Wars day at the Astros game and my family signed up for that faster than Darth Vadar can choke a boo to death. I might even break out my Princess Leia buns for the occasion. WHO KNOWS. Go, 'Stros (and Braves. Go Braves. Forever ATL).

Well, folks. BRB because we are off to explore the Heights. And Johnson Space Center. And ohmigosh I better stop before I start another Top Five list.

As always, crappy iPhone pictures brought to you by yours truly. #blessed
Happy Friday!


Kate said...

I want to go to there. (And see those peopleeee.) ❤️❤️❤️

Kayla MKOY said...

Umm packing my bags now. Houston sounds amazing!!!!!!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

it definitely sounds like a place i want to visit :)
we've only ever had guests once.. lol. i am still a visitor here, really, and was horrible at doing 'stuff'. thank goodness my friends helped me show them around lol

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Yum I want steak fajitas! Drool. I was Princess Leia for Halloween one rock those buns!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Oh my Astros! Will never tire of going to their games!! Have you made it out to the Kemah boardwalk yet?? I haven't been in years and years.

Michelle | Boots and the Bear said...

I grew up near Houston and moved to Alaska with my husband last year. I love the views here but oh I how miss the food in Houston. It really is the best. The Space Center is a fun place to take people too. Or at least it used to be. I haven't been in years. Moody Gardens in Galveston and Kemah are fun too!


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