July 6, 2015

a lesson in selfies

Let's talk about selfie sticks.

Like...what even? Am I right? Add in an eye roll and you've got exactly what my feelings about selfie sticks used to be.

I slowly came around to the idea of them and pretty soon I was full blown asking my sister if I should get one. You see, Ann is like the coolest person ever and in order for me to get on 10% of her level I have to ask her permission about everything. But Ann was all like NO WAY, DON'T GET ONE. And I was all like FINE, BUT WHEN I DO GET ONE YOU CAN'T BE IN ANY OF MY SELFIES. 

Then last week when I was home in Georgia Ann surprised me with a selfie stick. 
^^^I was pretty excited about it. For selfie reasons. 

So I used the stick for the next few days (and totally broke my rules about Ann not being allowed in my selfie stick selfies) until I flew to Kentucky to meet up with Ricky Rick for a wedding. 

Holy Teenage Girl Taken To A Selfie Stick. The stick became a permanent attachment to Freddie's hand. Captain Hook ain't got nothing on Captain Freddie Selfie Stick.  

The selfie stick made. the. rounds. Partied with the best of us. It was with us through the wedding vows and toasts, through the wedding dancing and drinking, through the post-wedding dancing and drinking, and well...just see for yourself. 
So. Selfie sticks. Totally and completely 100% absolutely freaking ridiculous.

And also totally and completely 100% absolutely freaking wonderful for getting the BEST of the best pictures from time spent with the best of our best friends.
 Selfie sticks: bringing friends closer since 2015.

Congrats, Brooke and Tyler! Thanks for providing our selfie stick with the best picture material this past weekend. 


Kayla MKOY said...

I will say, no one necessarily looks COOL while holding one of those...they do help the group selfie game like crazy ;) every wedding I go to has them!! lol!

Erin LFF said...

Haha- I played with one over the weekend and I won't lie.... I'm officially tempted to get one! They are so nerdy and ridiculous but so wonderful at the same time! :)

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

So my wedding is in October and this makes me feel like I need to purchase a selfie stick for each table and put it next to a sign with our wedding hashtag! Haha!

Meg Taylor said...

Soooo I love that you make the same face in so many of your selfies. Literally every single one of mine on Snapchat have the exact same face ;) ALSO I meant to text you a photo because there's now a DeSano in the CHS airport!!


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