May 2, 2016

when your sister is old, but still young

Yesterday was my sister's twenty-first birthday.

You see, my sister is kind of famous on this here blog. Which really means that she's famous all around the country because this blog = a national staple. Obviously.  

I wrote about her hair (which is beautiful), that one time the Pope hit her (classic), how she steals my clothes (and vice versa), and that one time she turned seventeen (which hello, twenty-one is a way bigger deal) (hashtag wine and stuff). 

You know, there's something about little siblings, am I right? They just always are that: little. When I was going through my Pilates training, apparently I would talk about Ann a lot (I'm obsessed, what can I say?) and refer to her as my little sister. When my fellow trainees finally met my then twenty-year old sister they were really confused. I thought she was your little sister...? She's an adult!

And I was over there like Yeah, yeah whatever. She's little! She was like five yesterday! I swear. Ann, wanna go watch Dragon Tales?! Oh, you make more money than I do right now and you would rather go watch Star Wars? Gotcha. 
how I see Ann vs. how everyone else sees Ann 

Ann turning twenty-one has become quite an emotional time, and if I'm this sentimental with my younger sister then let's go ahead and put me on some kind of medication for when I have my own children. I keep looking at pictures of Young Ann and thinking of all the ridiculous stuff she used to say and do. 

Like telling us the Pope hit her.
Or when she watched Charlie's Angels a few times too many (one of the many perks of having older siblings: PG13 movies), and she told my mother she had to go number one.
Or when she had an imaginary friend named...what for it...Grandma, and would cry whenever my mom would drive by "Grandma's house" and not stop. 
Or when she got so mad at me that she slammed her bedroom door, shutting both of us inside her room. Did I mention she slammed the door so hard that we were stuck in there until my dad broke down the door? (classic) (again).
Or when she would hide her medicine and say, I'll take it if you can find it...

Anyways, back to the post that only my mother, father, brother, sister, and other close family members will care about...

Let's finish with some GIFs that will take us on a journey through the past twenty-one years with Ann-y Boop Doodle. 

Me, the day when my little sister Ann was born and all my dreams came true

My entire family when, as a baby, she had reflux and would just constantly throw up.

My entire family when she was out of the constant throwing up stage of her life...

...but then went right into the constant whining stage of her life. 

Fast forward to present day when we all realized that the whining youngest sibling turned out to be way cooler than any of us. 

And finally, anyone's face and demeanor anytime he or she is around Ann: pure bliss

Ann, I'm sorry Mom never took you to your imaginary Grandma's house, but somehow you still managed to turn out okay. 

Happy Day After Your Twenty-First Birthday!!
*Otherwise known as the beginning of the stage of your life in which you are constantly buying me bottles of wine. Thanks.


Erin LFF said...

So sweet :) I love how close you and your sister are- Happy HAPPY 21st to her! :)

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! That's seriously so hilarious that she slammed the door so hard and locked y'all both in her bedroom! It still sometimes amazes me that my sister is old enough to drive, drink (definitely not both of those at the same time), and be married! I still feel like she should be in high school or something! The good thing about her being 21 now though, is that she does get to buy you all the bottles of wine!

Hippie in Heels said...


The Siberian American said...

I'm so with you on the little siblings always staying little! My little brother is 20 now and 6' 2" so people always crack up when I call him my little brother or munchkin (an affectionate nickname from childhood. Haha).

Kayla MKOY said...

What a fun relationship you have! So many funny stories ;) happy 21st to her!!!!!


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