May 25, 2016

rides with rick: the rainy one

This past Saturday marked a very special day for us: it was the day that was just far enough from my last bike ride day so that I forgot how much I hate bike riding, and I wanted to go for another ride. 

I told you it was a special day! Look, when you're married it's hard to celebrate every little thing-iversary, so we celebrate things like my suggesting we go on a bike ride. 

And Ricky, oooh boy that Ricky, he does this thing. This thing where we KNOWS and remembers just how much I dislike biking, but he gets so excited that I finally agree to go on a bike ride with him that he doesn't remind me of my said hatred. 

Off we went on Saturday, merrily riding along making comments like...
Wow! The weather is perfect for this!
Better take all the opportunities to be outside that we can in this partly cloudy and cool weather before the hot as ::insert profanity from Freddie:: summer comes. 
Oh, now it's getting a little hot...
Just kidding, man! That breeze feels awesome!

I hope you all read those quotes as excitedly as our voices were when we really said them. Because we were so excited! The sun was hiding behind clouds, the sky was still blue, and it felt awesome outside! Do you understand how rare it is to be comfortable while outside in Houston between the months of April to October?!

So we did what any we-are-so-enjoying-this-weather couple would do, and we went inside to drink. Makes perfect sense, I know, but how can you really enjoy a Saturday without a mimosa or two or lots more? You can't, so we had to sacrifice outside time to get inside time to get mimosa time. 

And that, that right there, stopping to get drinks, that was our downfall. That's when Mother Nature went from being on our side to being on our side-ish to being on our side....SIKE!

The ride back was about 3 miles. Once we hit 2.5 miles we realized that rain was imminent. Once we hit 2 miles the skies opened. Once we hit 1.5 miles we took cover under an awning and pretended it was our Noah's ark. Here's the thing though...Noah's ark floated. Our awning did not so we still had the problem of how we were going to get home. 

Cue the radar showing only orange and red over Houston.
Cue us opening our crackers from Whole Foods and having a rain picnic.
Cue us tapping our feet thinking the rain might lighten up.
Cue the rain not lightening up, but us running for it because it looked lighter
Cue two really, really wet people. 
Cue me being the genius that wore a white shirt in the "perfect" weather.
End scene. Insert your applause here

You know, today is a very special day, too! It's the day when I accepted that the universe taught me a lesson and maybe I shouldn't go riding with Rick anytime soon.

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Anne said...

OR... maybe the universe was just handing you a funny blog post!


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

From your Insta, it looked like a torrential downpour! I would not be pleased to get caught in that. At least you had snacks. Without snacks, it all would've been over for me.

Erin LFF said...

LOL- I agree with Anne ;) totally just handing you blog material.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

That sucks that y'all got stuck out in the rain, but when the weather is nice outside you definitely need to celebrate with mimosas, especially since Houston weather is never nice out from May to September! At least y'all had some food you could snack on until it semi cleared up!

The Siberian American said...

Oh wow, such a bummer y'all got caught in a torrential downpour! At least it makes for a funny blog post. ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

hahahahaha but at least you got a rain picnic out of it!

Candace Shiflet said...

hahaha at least it's a fun memory now, right? Or maybe it will be fun in a year when you're like "so remember when...?" I guess the universe was trying to remind you how much you love bike rides ;)

Susannah said...

Sounds like fun... Even with bike hatred in your heart. ;-)


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