January 4, 2012

on the time the pope came over to georgia

There are many things that I love about Ann. Her hair (that is more of a love/hate thing). Her ability to eat 20 oz. of steak in one sitting. (and still be hungry!) (and still weigh 90 lbs!) But what I really love about Ann is her ability to say the craziest things.

Wi was home for the holidays and whenever she's around we like to reminisce. Reminisce about our old ballet days, about our weird we-are-losers days (still in those days, huh?), and oh yeah, about how that child, Ann Moore, said the darndest things in her younger years. Mind you, Ann-y Banany is still in her younger years so these things are still occurring for our and your entertainment. 

There are so many stories from which to choose. The majority of which Ann would kill me for posting on the internet. Hey, Ann! What Ann doesn't know is that only our family reads my blog so she's already screwed since they all know these stories. Hey again, Ann!

Should I tell the one about Ann asking point blank if Santa was real? And then calling everyone a liar for telling the truth. Or the time everything fell out of Ann's brain in PE class? Ann would literally hurt me if I told that one even though it is so so funny. But my favorite, my most absolute favorite up to date, is when the Pope hit Ann.

Intrigued yet? 
Betcha don't hear a lot of stories about the Pope going around hitting people...

back story/what you need to know: Ann went to a Catholic church for the first time with our family friends. The end. Now you are all-knowing and all ready to hear this short but super sweet Ann tale.

Ann tales...I feel a whole new section of my blog being born...

MC: How was church?
A: The Pope hit me!!!
MC: What?! Ann, what in the world are you talking about?
A: The Pope hit me at their church! He hit my forehead!
MC: Ann there is no way the Pope was there, much less hit you.
A (growing more emphatic): Mooooooom, he did! He hit me! Mary Frances made me go up during communion and said he would bless me and he did this thing and then hit me on my forehead! It hurt!! I'm not kidding!
MC: Ann! The Pope lives in Italy. There is no way the Pope came all the way to Brooks, Georgia to hit you on the forehead. You probably mean the priest.
A: Huh? No, it was the Pope. He hit me hard and I'm serious. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that one time we made Ann dress up as Troy from High School Musical? and it was super adorable...

the cuteness! I'm dying!

Ann, repeat after me: This is not embarrassing. I am funny and everyone loves me and that is why they give me attention and write about me in blogs even though it is not my birthday. 


Russ said...

Is it possible to be still laughing again?

Jason Schmidt said...

I very much enjoy reading your braindroppings.


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