May 9, 2016

4320 minutes of nothing

Freddie was gone this past weekend. For a boy's weekend/fantasy baseball team/league/whatever it's called trip. 

Is it called a fantasy team or fantasy league? Why don't I know this? 

Anyways, I had the best plans for when he was out of town. The best! I started by going over to Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, and I left with wine, oatmeal, raspberries, and cheese. Apparently my "best plans" included eating cheesy oatmeal with raspberries on top? With a glass of rosé? <<I can get down with the latter part of that plan. 

And then suddenly I blinked, and I was heading to the airport to pick him up last night. 

Wait, where's all the stuff that was supposed to happen in the middle of the wine/oatmeal/raspberries/cheese buying and the airport picking up?! Why are my finger nails still naked and the laundry still not done?! Why isn't the dishwasher unloaded?! Why aren't the floors mopped?! 

Insert the part this weekend where I did manage to spend an entire hour just walking around Target. With nothing in my cart. And then I was paying at Target and let's just say there were suddenly things in my cart then. Ugh, this entire paragraph is so basic, and I love it. 

But let's go back to those dirty, not mopped floors. Because I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to fill up 4320 minutes, but NOT mop the floors. 

I went back to my Camera Roll to see if I could figure out what went down in the past 4320 minutes that felt like 4 seconds. Here is the evidence I found:

I took and very successfully passed a Sound Of Music quiz. Since I grew up watching that movie twice a day with my brother and mom, I would be embarrassed to receive any score lower than 100, and I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I didn't get a score higher than 100. Freddie, if you are reading this, I am quite angry with you for never letting me get my Do-Re-Me on in our house. 

During my hour of nothing in my Target cart/suddenly lots of things in my Target cart I sent this picture to my sister asking for help with which one would make my coloring look less ghostly and more pale and beautiful...

...and then I went against her judgment and tried on a completely different dress that turned me into a real life pear. Hello, hips! Nice of you to poke out 2 extra feet in your new dress. No, the dress didn't come with a Wide Load sign. 

sidebar: since I posted a dressing room selfie, does that make me a fashion blogger now?! #fingerscrossed #not

I had no less than eight pictures that looked like this. Apparently I thought that if I just kept trying my phone would take better far, far away pictures of the Houston Ballet performance last night? Spoiler alert: I think they kept getting more blurry. Spoiler of the Spoiler alert: no, it wasn't because of the rosé.

And finally, what's a wasted 4320 minutes of a weekend without one Lu-ster picture?! Lupe was my very best friend this weekend.

And if saying my dog was my very best friend doesn't tell you how thrilling my weekend was then...

Happy Monday! 
Hopefully you mopped your floors or accomplished something productive and equivalent to that. 


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Hahaha that Target dress!!! Why would they do that?!

Erin LFF said...

LOL! Oh girl, I can so relate to this. Whenever Jared's gonna be gone I have such high hopes for what I'll do/accomplish and then I blink and all I did was eat and watch TV ;) WHOOPS! Also, Sound of Music is so great- Jared even let me listen to the soundtrack on record last night while we did a puzzle! Yes, we are 90.

The Siberian American said...

Aww Lupe! I always take pictures at ballets and plays if they're allowed then wonder why I bothered. Haha.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

We pretty much did have the exact same weekend! No mopping for me, and lots of wine drinking too! Now you have me wondering why I've never taken The Sound of Music quiz! It's legit my mom's favorite movie, and we would watch it all the time now! I think that a girlfriend and I made our husbands watch it with us one weekend and we were singing and quoting along and they were asleep.

Ashley said...

You know what...these are the best kinds of weekends. Life gets too busy and too structured sometimes, and some weekends should be spent scrolling and quizzing and target dressing ! :)

Kayla MKOY said...

This is so funny. I feel ya girl. Whenever Caleb tells me he is going to have a guys night on a weekend I'm like WOOHOO! I'm going to get so much done now with no one around to distract me ;) and relax and catch up on reading and finally paint my nails and maybe curl my hair and.....then all I do is binge watch New Girl and eat a pint of ice cream! Baha! I get it.

Hippie in Heels said...

THIS happens to me all the time. I waste so much time doing nothing!!! This is hilarious!

Anne said...

Ohhhh I totally get this - it's amazing how one can just fritter away the hours of one's alone time and not get anything "done." And now with a little one around those are never full weekends any more for me, but just occasional afternoons when he's at a grandparent's house, and those minutes just whoosh by when you're doing nothing. Luckily the random online quizzes, Target wandering, and rose drinking are all my kind of FUN - the husbands can empty the dishwasher when they get home, I say. Hope you enjoyed :)


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