May 13, 2016

friday favorites: the where's my personal photographer one

I spent all yesterday thinking it was Friday, and so far today feels like a Wednesday. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow feeling like a...Monday? 

Gag, a Saturday Monday would literally be the worst. 
May all your Saturdays be anything but Mondays. 

Favorite Song
I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness
Enjoy this crap video because it won't let me post the real weird video...
While driving around falling into the pothole-y roads in Houston this week, I found a CD my upper crust friend made for me with songs we looooooooved (add more o's) in middle and high school. This one made the cut, and it may have made me scream sing along in my car. Maybe. Probably. It'll definitely make you scream sing along right now. 

Favorite Food
Remember how Freddie and I were watching all the 007 movies and making themed dinners? And we were going to do a movie a week until we got through them all? And we started the first week in January? Guess what number we are on? Guess. We are in week nineteen and we are on movie...THREE. Three. Holl to the er, folks, because we are rocking twenty sixteen, obviously. 

Now here's why we are stuck on movie three. Title: Thunderball. Dinner: ummmmm, what? Meatballs and...thunder? We are stuck. So please advise, thank you. 

Favorite Houston Factoid
One year ago yesterday I arrived in Houston with my mom after a crazy month of Freddie being in TX, and me being in SC and GA and LA and then TX. 365 days DOWN. Many more days to go. Math is hard. 

Favorite Pilates Move
Remember that whole Real Life vs. Fake Life post? Well insert that thought process here because in FL I would have stayed up late last night to take Pilates blog pictures with my personal photographer who would either be my husband and/or a real life photographer who follows me around. However, in RL I did not stay up, I do not have a personal photographer (spoiler alert: I do have a husband), and instead I went to bed because I started teaching at 6am yesterday, and I was tired. The End. So enjoy this picture from a training weekend. Please also note that in FL I wear my matching Lululemon workout clothes to train in. In RL I wear this...weird...but comfortable ensemble. 
side note: unless you have a Cadillac, don't try this at home. But please do rotate your spine every day. 

Favorite Hug
Favorite hug(s) = plural = anytime with this dude.

Cue the awwwws. Awwwww.

Happy Friday!
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Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

So I Believe In A Thing Called Love was seriously one of my favorite songs ever in high school! And you have to scream sing to it because it's just so awesome! That's so fun that y'all are doing a themed James Bond movie night! I have no idea what you'd do for Thunderstruck though. Maybe you just add martinis as your drink for that night, even though that kind of seems like a cop out.

The Siberian American said...

Yay for a year in Houston! :) A James Bond themed movie night sounds like so much fun! :)

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Here is my JB food suggestion: chicken thighs. Because thunder thighs. #genius?

Erin LFF said...

I LOVE rediscovering old jr high/high school CDs haha- they always make me crack up and/or scream sing. Usually a little bit of both. Thunderball is definitely a tricky one... They go to the Bahamas in that movie (I think!) so maybe you can look up some Bahamian foods/dishes??

Meg Taylor said...

How I can't believe you've already been in Houston for a year - time really does fly! Also, I haven't listened to The Darkness in so long, that real video with the space octopus (or whatever it is) is amazing haha!

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Kayla MKOY said...

Ahhhh TX for a whole year already?! Isn't it time to move to Southwest Ohio yet?!! ;)

Desirae Endres said...

Ahaha! I love the real life vs. fake life thoughts! Also, love the hugs :) Your posts always make me smile!


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