April 29, 2016

on finishing a book

I finished reading a book yesterday. A book that I started in January, but hey! I did it! If this had been a marathon, I would have been about three minutes months behind the cop car that herds all the slowpokes to the finish line. 

Don't wait on me! I'll catch up to you soon! 

Wait, maybe come back here and help me...

But whatever.  It felt so good to read something that didn't have any words that ended in -itis or -lysis or -osis

Wanna know what I finished? Steve Martin's autobiography, Born Standing Up.

Wanna know what other books are lined up for me to finish in the next two to fifteen months? A big, fat pile of astronaut autobiographies. 

I'm sure of it. 

Anyways, this whole me being a grown bleep woman and finishing a non-anatomy book thing made me think of other things I should do more of now that things like studying anatomy and Pilates history are no longer consuming my life

Get ready for the lamest and most adult list ever that also might be the best and coolest list ever. 

 1. Sit down and look through the dang photo books I've made. 
When I decide to make a photo book it becomes my job. My job that I don't get paid for, but instead am the one doing the paying. So that makes perfect sense. I spend hours, no days, debating over whether to add the sparkle sun badge or the flag banner on the top left corner of page 9. Because what if I hate it once it's printed?! I'll probably end up sticking it on a shelf and never looking at it! So I have to make it look perfect!

Oh wait...they end up stuck on a shelf anyways.

So you know what? I pulled out those bad boys yesterday, wiped off about a year or two worth of dust, and actually looked at them. 

2. Let the dog sleep on me. 
Ugh, twist my freaking arm, but fiiiiiine. I'll take a few chill minutes and let doggie look like this on my lap.
And this.
And this.
3. Spend more time on Pinterest
Because how else will I know which household projects I can feel guilty about never doing if I don't pin them on Pinterest?

4. Clean
I don't mean Clorox Wipe clean. I mean clean. In bold so you realize how serious this cleaning business is. Getting those baseboards clean. Getting those cabinets clean. Getting whatever is under the couch clean. So fresh, so clean clean and all that. 

This also includes not dusting around stuff, but moving said stuff in order to dust. Speaking of dust, let's talk about how it's the most unrewarding and frustrating job on the planet. 

Me: I feel awesome. I just dusted!
Dust: I feel awesome. I'm going to float around in the air for a few seconds before landing back in the same spot I was!

Ugh, I told you this list was lame and awesome. 

5. Snapchat Face Swap More
Because everyone else is doing it, and I look really good as the 1990 version of my grandfather. 

Happy Friday!
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Erin LFF said...

Haha- I for one, love this post! Good for you for enjoying adult-ish but necessary things more now that you can put all that studying behind you somewhat ;) Photobooks consume me too and you know what... I STILL always make a typo somewhere in my book and then it comes in the mail and I want to cringe. haha- ugh!

The Siberian American said...

Congrats on finishing the book! Your dog is super cute! I'm impressed that you have actually complete the step of printing photo books. I never seem to get there. Haha

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Ahhh letting a dog sleep on you is the best. We have like three photo books we never look through. You reminded me that I want to make one with wedding pictures...but you also reminded me I'll never look at it. Catch 22 over here.

My Favorite Day (Emily) said...

Ugh cleaning. But yes. I need to do this. I just love Clorox wipes so much! And I'm very accustomed to just taking that swiffer foster around everything. Who has time to move things anyway?!

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Hooray for having more time to do things now that you're not studying like crazy! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that makes photo books and then never really looks at them again. Occasionally we'll have friends come over that will look at them, but I'm hoping that I can use them to prove to our future kids that we were cool at one point in time. And yes, puppy cuddles are always something that we could do with more of!

Desirae Endres said...

You are fantastic. It also takes me forever to finish a book I love, because I'm so busy reading my 8th grade level literature that I have to teach to students, and re-reading those same books. I'm usually not mad about it though.

Either way, that IS an accomplishment, and I really need to get me one of those lap-wine-tables. They look super adorable. <3


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