September 19, 2014

five ways to tell that it is "fall" in the south

I'm so glad it's almost fall for most of you and yadda yadda yadda. Really, I'm so glad. But here in the low country it is still 90 degrees (give or take a few extra 10 degrees) and while I'd love to pull on my jacket for a nippy evening walk, that just ain't happenin' until...December? January? 

Since we poor beach folk don't have the weather to knock on our doors and tell us when fall is coming, we have to get creative and figure out other ways to tell the changing of the seasons...

Everyone else is Instagramming pictures like this:
...while I'm still going outside wondering if I have to wear a shirt. Or even pants. Do sundresses work year round? No? Wait, it's not June?

Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff on display.
Oh, der, that just means it's the end of July. Not fall. My bad.

Everyone in the whole wide world is going gaga over Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks and/or all pumpkin flavored food items from Trader Joe's.
I'm going gaga over ice cold water and AC. No food needed. Buuuut, I will take some chocolate. 

Jackets are coming out as accessories used for layering. 
Jackets are out and have been out because it's so dang cold indoors with the AC blasting. 65 degrees inside and 105 outside. 

Meanwhile the leaves are turning beautiful warm colors and falling to the ground with a crispy landing.
...and over here the palm fronds stay the same. Nobody is running around stepping on the crunchy fallen palm fronds, that's for sure.
Palm fronds in the winter. Ice, ice, baby. 

Happy weekend!
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Brianne said...

Haha thank you for this!! I'm originally from MN but haven't seen a "real" fall since 2011 due to moving to TX. When people here say they are ready for fall I just stare...there is no such thing has fall in the South.

Kayla MKOY said...

Hahaha I would love to be in charleston during every other season but ohio is where it's AT for fall!!!!! Come stay with me!!!!

BLovedBoston said...

Stopping by from the link-up!! I sometimes can't believe how early stores put out Christmas displays...a little crazy!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Erin LFF said...

I like the seasons, but I would really be okay living somewhere warm year-round too! I'm not made for snow! Or any temperatures below 45 ;)


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