August 4, 2015

monday mops

I had a good Monday this week. It was like...chocolate sprinkles on top of whipped cream on top of ice cream (because ew to cherries on top). It was that good. And holy cow, now I need ice cream with whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles on top. Or just The Tonight Dough. 

I did two very important things that made Monday rock:
1) I mopped the floors
2) I got a chocolate stain out of our white chair

I KNOW! It all sounds so easy, and I pinky promise it makes the best of Mondays. 

Let's start with Number One. The mopping thing. It's no secret I enjoy being a Cinderella, but literally nothing makes one (me) feel as productive as sitting back and seeing completely clean hardwood floors. Does anything make you (me) happier?! I try to stay seated as long as possible after mopping because it makes me really sad to walk on the newly clean floors and get them newly dirty. I wish my feet were mops! Or something. Anyways, clean floors = happy wife = happy life. That's what they say (I think it's they who say that. They should).

Number Two. The chocolate thing. When we moved to Houston we got white dining room chairs, even though I love chocolate. Because while I do love chocolate, hey! I'm not five years old and we don't have a five-year old in our home. White chairs are safe, right? Especially with Scotchgard! God bless Scotchgard!

Wrong. White chairs are not safe (even with the blessed Scotchgard) and before long, one white chair had a nice chocolate stain right on the seat. And yes, we did call it the poop stain. But yes, I promise it really was chocolate. I did what any adult woman would do and I...texted my mother to see how she would get out the stain. I did exactly what she said and BAM! Stain gone. Mom's always right. Mom's stain trick is magic. The End.

And well, that's it. That's how my Monday rocked. So hashtag old or notyoung or showingmyage or whatever and slap me silly because Monday rocked!

Uh, Happy Tuesday. May your Tuesday be as great as a chocolate sprinkled, not stained, Monday.


Helene in Between said...

i have spent what feels like the last 3 years (or 3 days) of my life cleaning our house and i feel you on this. congrats to you and yours on this great success.

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my word - I need to know your mothers stain removal trick like asaaapp!! Because a certain husband of mine who shall remain nameless ;) brought home a yucky backpack and now a mysterious purple and green stain has appeared. I've tried and failed and now it's looking like a gray blob on our carpet. Gross!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i feel like you should share the stain removal trick! and yes, i love mopping, though i am still trying to find the perfect mop for our kitchen floor. the one we have sucks!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Mothers always know best. I ask my mom everything, even if it's something I could just Google. Hahaha.

The Lady Okie said...

My mom has magic stain powers too! Seriously, MOMS KNOW EVERYTHING.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

ah the accomplishment of getting a stain out!

Carolyn Mack said...

Grrr stains on chairs! I have a blue stain on my white sofa from trying to rub off another stain with a blue cloth *faceplam*

Emily said...

Oh no! Um, hello twin---something I would totally do, too!

Gregory Snyder said...

Mopping the floor is rewarding, because you immediately see the results. But I agree that it can be tiring. Yet with your approach, it can indeed be fun. It helps to have some heavy duty cleaners to make things easier for yourself. Thanks for sharing your Monday to us! That was a worthy way of spending it. Good day!

Gregory Snyder @ Executive Image

Delbert Powers said...

I'm cracking up at the "ew to cherries on top," I am right there with you. Cherries are gross, I don't understand how anyone eats them. I also can't believe you had a good Monday. You just might be the only person to ever enjoy a Monday. LOL! Now you're making me want a sundae and I haven't had anything sweet for a long time!

Delbert Powers @ Minuteman International

German Zollinger said...

I am glad you had such a good Monday. I am spending time working on our walls right now. All of our walls at the house are white. I really do not want to have to repaint every single room in the house. I am going through first with soap and water and next with acetone to get it out.

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip


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