August 21, 2015

a fine five for a friday

Five things for which I am hoping on this fine Friday:
one // I hope that all of our future children get Freddie's dancer feet. Wouldyalookatthosearches? 

two // I hope that my car magically decides to fix itself. And then pigs will fly and unicorns will exist. And that dang money tree will finally grow. That's a lot of hopes for just one bullet point. My b.

three // I hope that when I order this shirt and wear it all fall no one will realize that it is called the Summer Daze top. I'll make up for it by totally not wearing white after Labor Day. Ha, just kidding. Winter white IS so a thing! I read it somewhere! So it counts!

four // I hope that one day teleportation will actually be a thing so my sister and mom can just appear in my kitchen whenever I want. I want what I want and I want it nooooow!

five // I hope that year three of marriage is just as exciting as year one and year two! But I also hope that we move less than we moved in year two, i.e., I hope we don't move. At all. Unless moving our butts from the couch to the bed counts. Monday is our second anniversary which means this entire weekend will be spent eating celebrating! Bring it on, year three! 

Happy Friday!


Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

aw happy anniversary!
sign me up for the money tree. i LOVE your couch. that would be the first thing i buy with said money tree. a couch. lol.

Meg Taylor said...

Have a great anniversary weekend :) That top is seriously so cute - please photograph it!

The Siberian American said...

Happy anniversary! That top is so cute! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Kayla MKOY said...

1. The top is adorable and perfect. 2. OMG that wedding picture? Don't think I've ever seen it. 3. Freddie's dancer feet! PERFECT. 4. I hope your car is fixed soon. 5. I LOVE YOU LOTS!


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