August 24, 2015

seven hundred and thirty days

I never know how to start important blog posts like birthdays or anniversaries or something. There's a lot of pressure, I'll have you know, to be the right amount of sweet and sappy, but also clever and hilarious. I'm sweating just thinking about how I'm going to write the rest of this.

You see, today marks TWO YEARS of marriage for us. Two whole years! Two years of marriage feels like two blinks. Literally. One blink for year one. One blink for year two. Soon we'll blink, blinkity, blinky and have five kids and five times twenty gray hairs. Chyeah, I want a whole brood of children, okay?

I feel silly saying anything about marriage because my parents are celebrating thirty-two years in three days and that is a number to celebrate, people! I feel like anything I say here or any wise words I try to share with you is just more leverage for my thirty-two-year veteran parents to be like Pfffssshaaawww, what do those young newlyweds think they know?!

Side note: Are we still considered newlyweds two years in? Now there's an important question for you.
^^for realsies, been-married-for-thirty-minutes newlyweds

Anyways, two years! I'll just keep saying those two words since I can't seem to say anything else.

In two years we have lived in three apartments and in two different states. We have acquired zero pets, and also zero children (Freddie is somewhere reading this and going High five, anyone?? Anyone?? No kids? High five, ANYONE?) (We love children, calm down). We (I) have eaten lots of delicious food that we (he) have cooked. We've also eaten a lot of delicious food that we haven't cooked because we've lived in Charleston and Houston. Both top contenders in BEST FOOD EVER CITIES in America.

I think the greatest thing about marriage or just relationships in general is love. Stay with me here. I knew I wanted to marry Fredster for many, many reasons, but really because sometimes when I looked at him I would be completely and utterly overwhelmed with the amount of love I had for this person. It always happened in candid moments like when he was biting his lip as he concentrated putting the egg whites in with the sugar during bake time fun time. Or when he was staring at the TV thinking What The F*&# was happening with Lost. This all still happens and in the most random moments it will hit me and hit me hard. I just want to run to Ricky and pinch his cheekies and squeeze him real hard just so he can get somewhat half of an idea of how much I love him.

That's marriage, folks. Spending the rest of your life trying to figure out how to convey how much you love this person. Because it is actually something that can never be accurately described. Yet, I've managed to fill an entire blog post about it--about something indescribable. Oops. And yes, you still feel the indescribable love even though he never puts down the toilet seat.

I'll just stick with saying this: Freds, I love you a lot! A whole heck of a lot. Now let's go celebrate 730 days of laughs 'n' stuff with more laughs. And maybe (definitely) some ice cream. 


Meg Taylor said...

Awww happy anniversary! I think definitely two years of marriage are still newlyweds. Sometimes I think even until you have kids you're newlyweds :) I hope you two have fun celebrating!

Erin LFF said...

Love it!! :) I think you get to be newlyweds for at least 3 years so you guys are still good hehe! Also, you can let Freddie know I threw him a high-five on the no kids thing ;) Happy Anniversary!!!!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Happy anniversary!!!! It's Michael's cousin's two year anniversary too, and I swear we were just at that wedding, so I get how fast it can go by!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

girl i will absolutely high five you for that! lol. we just celebrated 2 years, we're trying to make it to 5 years before any kids show up. hahaha. we have 3 cats though ;) happy anniversary!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Yay for anniversaries!! I think every single one is important and worth celebrating big! I swear each year just goes by faster than the last. I think year 3 has been my favorite thus far but year 4 is shaping up to be pretty great as well. :) congrats to you (and your parents because that is pretty darn awesome indeed)

Candace Shiflet said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! Happy 2 years to you guys!! We just had our first anniversary a few weeks ago :) Blogs are great but when it comes to special events, they're even better to document! You started out perfectly, girl!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Kayla MKOY said...

Eek!!!! Working on year 3 already! YAY! :) congrats guys, and again, happy anni!!! :)

Ashley said...

Y'all are the best!!! I'm so glad I got to meet both of you in real life. And I love that I remember when you got engaged and got married.....yay for being long term blog friends! Happy Anniversary!!


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