July 17, 2014

on being able to rent a car

Birthdays are a big deal. Especially when you get older and have to make an even bigger birthday deal just to recreate some of the birthday magic from when you were a kid. Following? Basically let's just all agree that there is no greater feeling than being a kid and waking up on your birthday morning. Joy. Pure joyous joy. 

Can you believe this was the first year I've had to work on my birthday? Hashtag: spoiled. Hashtag: just kidding. Hashtag: more like that's what happens when you have a summer birthday and spent every growing up summer at ballet intensives and every adult summer being a teacher. Hashtag: enough hashtags. 

But working on my birthday turned out to be the greatest thing. Ever. I mean who could complain about going into work early for a doughnut breakfast and also being presented with a box of King St. Cookies. Oh, you've never heard of King St. Cookies? Well, imagine what the cookie store/milk bar in heaven will be like (because duh, there will be one) and that's what King St. Cookie is like. Yum to the my. In my tummy. Add in a day full of kids who randomly serenade you, birthday song style, and you just took a tour of the first 7 hours of my birthday. 

How exciting for you!

Post-work celebrations included truffle mac and cheese and truffle parmesan fries and a burger that had some truffle oil from the truffle fries soaked in it and I was a truffle-y ruffle-y mess of a birthday girl. 
Please enjoy the note that was on the bottom of the card from my sister (don't make fun of my handwriting). Being the youngest sibling has obviously taken it's toll of her, bless her heart ;)

Freddiehusband and my fam-a-dam were there every step of the way. I'd call this first married birthday a success. My Hey, I'm still living off of peanut butter cheesecake and King St. Cookies belly is also calling it a success.

brb, gotta go live it up being 25. 


Kayla MKOY said...

Eek!! Soo glad you have so many amazing people to help you celebrate YOU!!! Now, what do I have to do to convince you to share those delicious cookies?! ;)

Emily Carnes said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

I hated the thought of working on my birthday, and then last year (when I still worked in the office), they took me out to lunch AND pedicures! Not too shabby, I don't think!

Helene in Between said...

happy birthday!!!! sounds like it was #awesome. sorry just had to throw another hashtag in there.

Ashley said...

Ummmmm what??!?! How did I not know it was your birthday?!?! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna Griffin said...

Looks like you had an amazing birthday!!!! 25 is fun. :)

Semen Rendi said...

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