July 14, 2014

monday musings

Good friends are like good chocolate. They're/it's simply just the best. Especially when they visit Charleston and agree to eat mounds of DeSano's pizza followed by more mounds of Jeni's ice cream. Write those restaurant names down. You will want to eat at them when you visit. Promise.

Beach days are also like good chocolate. Even if these beach days are slowly turning me into one giant freckle. 
Can you tell it's one day away from my birthday and I've found a reason to eat chocolate every day? Because I have done that and I will continue to do so until midnight on July 31. I will especially be downing the chocolate tomorrow. All. Day. Long. 

We leave for California so soon. Like so soon. Like why has no one told me what to wear in the non-humid California weather yet soon?

I'm spending my week choreographing for a production of High School Musical Jr. This means I have been not-so-shamelessly watching YouTube videos on "How to pop and lock." Which, by the way, looks a little off on this ballet trained body over here. Boy oh boy, that does not stop be from popping and lizzocking it everywhere. Man, also...when did people stop adding the "iz" to all the words? Let's totally bring that back. Bizzack.

That being said...it's time to go pop and lizzock it to celebrate my Birthday Eve!


Erin LFF said...

LOL- I mean, youtube can teach you how to do anything. I've looked up some crazy stuff on there before-- you will have the pop and lock down in no time ;) YAY for birthday eve- enjoy as much chocolate as you want!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

To add to Erin's comment up there-- we KNOW how to pop, lock...and even drop. Our youtube vids will be famous one day.

Take me to Californiaaaa right nowwwww ;) EEK its almost your birthday you pretty little birthday gal.


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