July 29, 2014

daisy dukes, bikinis on top

Holy Cow and a Half. We are back from California and the post vacation blues are in full force. As they should be. I don't know which way is up right now. Side note: I do know which way is down because all of the laundry resides down on the floor and it's kinda hard to miss. I also know which way is down because SC is flat as a pancake compared to Cali and I feel a little strange not hiking or driving up and down and up and down every time I go somewhere. 

I have a minimum of about 700 pictures from the vaca. Max is probably at about a gazillion right now. I mean, hello, traveling with 6 people who all take a trillion pictures per day for 9 days equals like a gazillion pictures or something. Look at us, using math every day!

So while I collect my thoughts and dirty laundry and sleep and time change confusion, I will leave you with some pretty pretty scenery pictures. 

Don't worry, there's half a trillion more where these came from.


gayle said...

Great pictures! And I LOVE THE MATH REFERENCE! It was just for me, wasn't it??? th3m4tht34ch3r

Kayla MKOY said...

First of all you know I love the Katy Perry title reference you threw in there ;) second, SO INSANELY JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!!! Always wanted to go to Cali!! :) can't wait for more recaps!!

Helene in Between said...

ugh laundry is always the worst after vacation!! looks like an awesome trip!


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