August 16, 2013

twas the week before the wedding

Well, we made it! Made it where? We made it to one week until our Wedding Eve (which may or may not be more exciting than Christmas Eve. I would be totally okay if Santa was the one delivering all the wedding presents. Santa! I know him!).

How on Earth did we actually make it here, though? That is the real question. It feels like it was yesterday that I wasn't sure if Freddie wanted to be called my boyfriend so thanks to my family he gained the ever-so catchy nickname of the Freddiefriend. It feels like just yesterday that I knew Freddie was going to tell me he loved me as he walked me out to my car, but I still waited to hear him say it. It feels like yesterday when I got texts from Freddie exclaiming he got the job in Charleston (!!!!!!!!). And it definitely feels like yesterday that Freds got on one knee and kind of made me the happiest little girl who ever did get proposed to (Hey Dad, see me ending my sentence with a preposition?).
happy people turn around and smile at the camera

Isn't that the cheesiest when people say something made them the happiest? I used to think so. But then I thought about it and realized that this person, the person who I think has the best laugh and the sexiest legs and makes me grin form ear to freaking ear when I see him smile, asked me to spend forever and eva (eva=longer than ever) with him and shucks, if that's not grounds for making someone the happiest then please do tell me what is. 

(Other than Santa delivering wedding gifts, of course. That could make lots of people the happiest).

If I could stop time right now...I wouldn't stop time right now. I'm anxious. I'm excited. I'm nervous in the what if the icing on the cake melts?! kind of way. I'm a hot mess of a girl that is losing her mind and forgetting that she's moving and starting a new job in 2 short weeks. 

Everything being nuts and going by so quickly? That isn't a reason to stop time. I wouldn't stop time here because I can't wait to be a Weiss. I can't wait to call Freddiefriend my Husbandfriend. I can't wait to feel the excitement of living every. single. day with Freddie Weiss. I can't wait for these humungous changes to my life because they are all making my life even better. Even moore fun. Even moore exciting. 
let's ride this roller coaster of life together, mmkay?

So, you next seven days, I like you and all and I'm glad I get to experience you, but I can't wait to be pronounced husband and wife and get a big 'ole smack on my lips from my husband


Kayla Peveler said...

EEEEK! Omg its SO stinking close I can't stand it. You are going to be a GORGEOUS bride. I love that you said you wouldn't stop time if you could. Your future is so bright and happy my friend :)

Helene said...

happy wedding week =). so exited and happy for you!!

Alex[andra] said...

I seriously can't imagine how excited you are right now! I can't wait to see the pictures after the wedding!

Kodi Jensen said...

Husband!! It's the best name to be able to call you love ever. So close girl!

Maggie Donnelly said...

Super super exciting! I wish I was at the one week mark!!! This week will fly by for you, I promise!

Ashley said...

All I can say is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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