August 23, 2013

"the wedding is coming. the wedding is coming." -not paul revere

Writing a post the day before you get married is a lot of pressure. People read this thing! I can come back to this here website 20 years from now just to read that one post I wrote before the day I became Mrs. Weiss! The pressure is on!

And I'm crumbling under the pressure. I've already written the lovey dovey posts where I try to convince you that Freds is the best of the best of the best. If you aren't convinced by now then I'm not doing my job. You're fired! Or something Donald Trumpish. I've already written the posts about the planning process. I've written the posts about worries, fears, love, and happiness. 

So what is this one supposed to be about? 
I'm going to make it about how I can't believe this day has come! And very quickly, I might add. People always said the engagement flies by, but they lied. Because it doesn't fly by it ZOOMS by. 
But then again, there are the days when it didn't zoom by. And when I thought Freddie and I would never be together in the same state in the same city again.

Being dramatic: I'm good at it. A++.
Oh heeeeey, picture I've posted a thousand bajillion timesies.

I'm going to make this post about the little exciting things that come along with getting married. Like...getting a marriage license! A marriage license! The easiest part of this entire process! Who would have thunk it?! And the women in the probate court office were so nice! Let's all get married!
 Before and after. Before was obviously way mo(o)re exciting. 
shut up! shut up! Elle Woods scream!
Let's all give a big round of applause that I have a make-up artist for the big day...clap clap clap.

I'm making this post about how excited I am to see all my friends and family later today at the rehearsal. I have been counting down to this day for the wedding weekend, obviously...but also because all of my friends have not been together since 2005. That is almost 10 years ago and that is just insane. In the membrane. 
My smart friends who all work or go to school all over the country. As the wise man once said, Love will keep us together. Or something like that.
Ready to dominate sophomore year of college. Oh, did I mention this was 5 years ago? Old.

But importantly, I'm making this post the last post I will write as a single lady, heeey-oh! Get up and do the Beyonce dance wit me because I am dancing in my chair right now. Mmmmmhm.

 I have no wise words or deep thoughts today. I'm just a girl who is freaking excited to get married to a pretty (super duper) swell guy tomorrow night. 

And that's how it should be. 
See you in a week!!!


Russ said...


Helene in Between said...

I'm soooo excited!!!!! And I'm not even getting married. Love you girl, I know it will be perfect!

Alex[andra] said...

Have an amazing wedding and an amazing honeymoon!

And So I Did said...

Oh my gosh! It's here!!! :) Yay!
Do you also have an oval halo ring?! :)

Happy happy wedding eve!!!!

Ashley said...

The Beyonce shot is my favorite!! Oh my goodness....I can't believe it's here. It's here!!!!! Happy wedding weekend!!

Emily Patten said...

Hahaha I love this post. I hope your day is as amazing as you have always dreamed!!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

congrats girl! have a fabulous last night and an even better rest of your life!


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