August 19, 2013

don't stand under my umbrella, -ella

Oh hey, world. It is officially my wedding week and I am freaking out. Hey, stomach knotted flitting butterflies. I guess you are sticking around until Saturday, huh?


Today's agenda includes but is not limited to:
Getting rings cleaned and resized
Final dress fitting/pressing
Not freaking out
Finalizing hair appointment schtuff
Buying apothecary jars for candy
Not eating said candy
Mailing thank you's
Having glass of wine

And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

You know what you need to get the picture of?
Where's my cabana boy?

Bachelorette weekend was phenomenal. So phenomenal that I will leave the pictures off of the blog and leave the memories in my heart. And head. Isn't that just so sweet? And weird.
Okay, maybe I'll do a sassy bachelorette post later this week.
Except for the pimp cup picture. That cup was a WINNER the entire night so it deserves some blog action.

I only ask two things from you this week:
1- Do the biggest, baddest anti-rain dance for Saturday. Because Weather Channel app is saying some cray stuff for Saturday and I do not agree. 
2- Do a little squeal because I won my first (and probably only because I'm not that lucky) blog giveaway!!! Eeeeeeeee, squeals!!! Ashley recently had a giveaway for this beautiful stamp that will soon be a stamp of South Carolina with my new last name inside of it. New. Last. Name!! Squeal some more.

Best week ever?
Sami's Shenanigans


Alex[andra] said...

So excited for you! Aw, for not getting to see pictures of your weekend. But yay for you winning a blog giveaway!

Helene in Between said...

yay for wedding week!! and yay for a good bach party. just yay all around here.

Kodi Jensen said...

Um, could you have won a giveaway at a better time?! I think not! Yey wedding!

Kayla Peveler said...

Do you want to know what is HILARIOUS?! Last time Ashley had a stamp giveaway, I WON IT and used it on my wedding stuff! With my NEW LAST NAME! Twins! Haha, soo glad you had a blast at your party!



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